Woman who is refused cigarette lights man's car on fire

I blame Hollywood…


Cigarette smokers are weird (no really, you are). I can’t think of anything else I could have on me that a random stranger would feel perfectly comfortable bumming off me. Unless it was an actual bum asking for a dollar.

Maybe that’s the result of being ostracized by the rest of society. You form unspoken bonds with your fellow smokers that make it easier to bear that isolation by sharing cigarettes with each other.

Kind of nice actually. Maybe I’ll start smoking.


That’s actually a big reason why I continued smoking all the way through college.

Completely comfortable and friendly: “Hey there can I bum a smoke?.. So what do you do for a living…” *3 weeks later you’re going steady or good friends*

Super awkward and weird: “Hi, I saw you across the courtyard, and wanted to say hi because you look like a potential mate I could have sex with. Also, not this courtyard. The one on the other side of campus because you didn’t notice me and so I followed you to class trying to think up something clever to say.”

Yeah, I kept smoking through college because it has a built in social group, is a reliable ice breaker, and because I’m also addicted to nicotine.


I think I’m going to try something similar with alcohol:

“Hi there! Can I have a sip of your drink?” “Sure, slurp away! I’m Becky, by the way…save me some, please.”


The recapture devices, Stage II, are being phased out in many states:

In the 1990s, The United States Clean Air Act (CAA) required many
ozone nonattainment areas to adopt Stage II Vapor Recovery systems at
their gasoline-dispensing facilities (GDF). Beginning in 1998, the CAA
also required vehicle-makers to add onboard refueling vapor recovery
(ORVR) systems for capturing gasoline vapors during refueling to all
automobiles and light- and medium-duty cars, vans and trucks. Since
2006, all new vehicles and trucks have been equipped with ORVR systems.

In large part because of the positive impacts ORVR
systems have had on the reduction of harmful fugitive emissions during
refueling, on May 16, 2012, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) issued a final ruling stating that since ORVR is now in widespread
use, all states and regions with Stage II Vapor Recovery programs in
place for ozone nonattainment areas have the option of removing these
programs from their state implementation plans (SIPs). In order to
approve the SIP revision, the EPA requires the state or region to
produce a technical demonstration showing that removing a Stage II Vapor
Recovery systems will not adversely impact air quality.

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People have thought so for centuries.


Is it too late to tell her she can save 75% on a vaping bundle?


Er, I am not a mythbuster, but can that happen? I thought getting gas tanks to explode like on TV was pretty difficult.

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A social group - WITH CANCER!!!


I doubt it would go up a la Mad Max. Especially not newer gas tanks which have internal baffles. But it could still light the car on fire. Basically, if oxygen can get to the gas while it’s hot, it can combust. Since the whole station didn’t go up, and the burning gas on the ground peters out pretty quickly in the full video on YouTube, I’m guessing he was mainly concerned with turning off the pump. Quite possibly he pulled it out without meaning to as sticking one’s hand into fire isn’t an easy task.

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You know, I’ve always thought that Phineas Gauge and the Tamping Rods would be a great band name. Apparently, Phineas Gauge IS the name of a heavy metal band.




Someone who sets a car on fire like that is likely drugged out of her tits.

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Maaayyybee. Mental illness, including inability to control anger and/or impulses, can also cause that kind of behavior.


More likely she ran out of fucks to give at the same time she ran out of cigarettes.

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Yo, setting the gas station on fire with a cigarette lady, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but Beyonce…

Smoke in front of a man? Heaven forbid!

My girlfriend just watched this and said, ‘I want some’.


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