Say hello to "Tropicana Crunch"

More Raisin Bran and prune juice for me!


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So we have a limited time fad cereal coming out, meanwhile half of the cereals I buy are missing from the store shelves…

As someone who LOVES the combination of citrus and dairy (my favorite ice cream flavor is the rarely seen lemon), my first reaction was happiness … until I realized this was unfortunately not orange flavored-and-shaped crunch balls.

This abomination? HARD pass.

Orange juice gives me heartburn more than any other food product. This abomination is giving me heartburn just thinking about it.

I once woke up with a hangover and tried Bailey’s Irish Cream over Froot Loops. I don’t recommend, especially if you puke it out your nose.


So, evidence for the existence of freaks:

When I met my future wife, I was appalled to discover that she puts her milk in first.

I then discovered that her whole entire family were twisted degenerates and did it the same way.

The supposed argument was that you brought your bowl to the fridge, poured in the milk, and could then go to the table to add your cereal, leaving the milk in the fridge.

I considered calling the local hospital, and also, very belatedly, CPS (do they work cold cases?), but decided instead to marry her, and have since cured her of this unnatural impulse.

Everything about prepared food is arbitrary.

I may think the idea of OJ with cereal is weird or gross, but I thought putting ground peanuts on pasta was weird/gross before I had pad thai.

We argue about this stuff (hot dogs: catsup vs. mustard) because it’s just something to talk about.

Ah, I remember visiting my U.S. cousins and poor little ‘home made granola’ me being in awe of the Sugar Smacks with Coca-Cola that they had for breakfast.

For added goodness, make sure you brush your teeth before eating.


Hello, Tropicana Crunch. G’bye, Tropicana Crunch. Nope. Can’t talk. Gotta rush off. Things to do.

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