Scarily prescient 1958 animated interview with Aldous Huxley

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Something started bugging me about two minutes into this short.

Every single unnamed person drawn in any more detail than “boxy abstract figure” is a white dude with a giant furrowed brow. Well, almost - there’s one scene with a Nuclear Family watching television, so you have one white kid and one white lady next to a blocky-browed white dude.

Huxley and Hitler get passes on this for being caricature of actual people, of course. And the whole thing looks pretty nice. But damn, I haven’t seen anything this unexaminedly white-and-male in years. Even terrible kid’s cartoons from the 80s would at least have a Token Ethnic and a Token Girl as part of the cast.

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Only on BoingBoing.

In a shallow, perverse way, that would be fractionally more palatable than what we have - which is a damn long way from “telegenic”. Instead we get something bloated, crapulent, and skeevy-looking.

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