Science fictional, maker Mardi Gras krewe


I went to Wizard World New Orleans a couple weeks ago and it was the BEST COMIC CONVENTION EVER, in no small part because Chewbacchus was rolling through the aisles every now and then. I was delighted to stop selling my comic book every so often for the Party Rover and a friggin’ brass band playing nerd favorites.

Sadly I’m back in Seattle now so I didn’t get to see Chewbacchus in their full glory last night.

Now this would be a worthwhile Krewe to support!

I love it. But a correction is in order:

krewe’s inventions are all human powered – no fossil fuels.

Yeah…about that. Propane fire breathing mechagodzilla thing and torches was about 60 percent of the video.

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Our desire to have fire performance in Chewbacchus superseded that rule, however nothing that rolls in the parade is fossil fuel-powered.

The NOFD actually informed us that, despite the exhaustive safety precautions taken in its construction (surpassing all local, state, and federal standards) that they would not allow it and would prevent us from ever parading again if we ever played with fire another time. So the Mechagator now breathes a cloud of CO2-frozen gas.

You’re late to the party, Cory. We marched last night.

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Our family were standing at the corner of Decatur and Frenchman for the Krewe. It was fantastic. The Rolling Elliotts were great, as was the Pastafarians (I got my ramen). My wife’s and son’s first Mardi Gras was this year, and it is their favorite parade by a lot!

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