Science reveals that extremely deep bass makes people dance more

It seems we are all…


There’s a really young guy I’ve seen on Tiktok and reels that has a super low singing voice. It is dang impressive no matter what he is singing.

My godmother’s husband also had a really low voice. I always liked it as a kid.


I was playing with bass in my vehicles way back in early 80s before fancy crossovers. Back then you got some hefty woofers from Radio Shack and maybe run it through an EQ.

I like a feel it in your chest bass if it’s balanced with the other frequencies.

Nothing makes me more nuts than sitting at a traffic light and only hearing that pounding bass from a vehicle 5 cars back.


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I’ve got a bass singing voice, and my superpower is putting babies to sleep by plonking them on my chest and singing gentle deep rumbly tunes. Neil Young tunes, transposed down an octave and sung slowly, work marvellously. I try to imagine a cross between Barry White and Mr Rogers singing.

“Look out mama, there’s a white boat comin’ up the river…”


Ok, I’m glad that wasn’t just a fever dream I had, I remember a sketch(?) where they were trying to make the corpse of a DJ ‘speak’ by blowing air through it’s neck via a straw. Maybe? It was a while ago.

May I submit this entry for “bassline songs”. If think aren’t vibrating across your table by the 2 minute mark, then you need to turn your sub up.

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