Scream's scream actor reveals what it's like to be called in to shriek

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Yep, that’s pretty screamable.

The classic:


It’s amazing there’s people who do this professionally, given that screaming is going to be hard on the voice. Voice actors have to have rest after doing certain types of performances that might involve screaming, so I’m wondering what kind of provisions “vocal stunt” actors need, how many hours of work they can do without issue. I can imagine it’s not physically possible to do that many hours of work in a given period of time. Although I also suspect there’s not a huge demand - sound collections with screams are famous for being reused (e.g. the “Wilhelm scream”), so this is all “bespoke screams” recorded to match specific scenes where a very specific kind of performance is needed.


Must be rough to be her neighbor when she’s practicing for a job.

‘There it goes again. Should I call 911? Should I go over? Last time was embarrassing. Yeesh, another scream, that sounds really horrible. I really should do something.’


Once more in the key of scream.

It’s good to know that there will be jobs for my eldest suited to her talents. :wink:

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AI may well take the whole job. It can be used to dub, so it can probably work out how a particular voice might scream…

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The problem in this sort of situation is they’re looking for a particular kind of performance - so they’d still need a similar performance to do the voice-swap. (But once you have that particular performance, you could now match it to whatever actor you need to - a similar thing is apparently happening with stunt performers. They do a stunt that’s digitally captured, and then they’re not hired to do that stunt again, as a face/body swap can recontextualize it for other movies.)

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