Short film: The Audition


OMG OMG awesome-sauce. our entertainment machine has grown way too powerful, I love this flick! stop the madness! fire all talent agents.

Shoulda done this:


there was a not-very-good documentary i watched about character actors; they’re extremely well-known, you’ve seen them in a million things but you don’t know their names. anyway, there’s a whole segment on the audition process, which underlines it’s horribleness, particularly the call-back marathon. one of the actors (i forgot which, durr) remarked how, at this point in his career, the audition process was completely unnecessary. he’s been in thousands of shows and movies, it is established that he is professional as hell. his look and ability is exhaustingly documented. if he’s right for the part, “call my agent,” he said (which to be fair does also happen.) yet hollywood wastes not only his time, but ungodly hours of their own time on auditions because “that’s just how it’s done.”

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