Sean Hannity says U.S. should give the U.N. to China, which Russia's Vladimir Putin also believes

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Very cool and normal.


For most of my life the rest of the world looked at the United States with various degrees of admiration, envy, hatred, gratitude and fear.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen the rest of the world look at my nation with pity.


More and more like 1984 all the time.


As if the US ever paid the UN anyway.

Oh, and Tom Cotton is the biggest asshole in the US senate, high bar.


Is he looking to pick up some prime riverside real estate?


Is he the one who’s basically Trump but marginally-not-insane? (And without knowing anything about Cotton, I still think that slug McConnell is the worst one)


Billionaire (real ones) ass-kisser.


Of all the angles and schemes of the present era, the one I most look forward to hearing future historians’ attempts to unravel is the one that leads from the Kremlin via the Russian mob through the New York City municipal sausage factory and into the households of some extremely familiar names. I can offer pretty good odds that, as an old man, I will eat up books on this subject the way the old men of my youth obsessed over narratives about WWII. It’s just so damned interesting.


Trump owes China money, that’s who he’s covering for when he says they don’t deserve a penny. It’s like he’s reading Trump’s script from the previous night’s pillow talk.


If we don’t want it in America, Russia, or China, then India or Kazakhstan look pretty good


He also suggested defaulting on the US foreign debt, at least the part owned by China, and that will have even larger ramifications, erasing the dollar as a world currency.


Southeast Asia is not bad either


To be fair; we have being looking at the US with pity longer than many expect (school shootings, lack of universal healthcare, etc.), but we were polite enough to keep a straight face and just wait to see if you got your shit together. Trump and the GOP has pushed the world’s patience to the point that no longer we can pretend everything is alright in your country.
The US is the equivalent of that great guy that starts drinking too much but you brush away his shortcomings because he is a solid friend but lately he has being talking drunk shit , shitting himself in public, and just making himself look like a moron.
The rest of the world was polite to the US because it held power and influence: Trump is all about totally obliterating that power and influence, blowing up diplomatic relationships, working hard on creating a hostile environment for themselves, and just doing the worst to its own interest.


Fox News is actually about entertainment opinion shows. They don’t do real news and they admitted it in court. People like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are just shills with no journalistic relevance. I do want to separate these jokers from the local news affiliates that do actually share relevant local information though.

And know that opinion is that America needs to abandon the rest of the world to their own devices. This history repeating itself thing is getting out of hand. What’s next WWIII?


“It was the worst of times; it was the worst of times.”, A Tale of So Many Shitheads.


The Republicans are traitors providing aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States. Moscow Mitch, Lord Dampnut, Sean and the entire FAUX “News” crew should be tried for treason.


I’m always surprised that people from the US don’t realise how a large part of the rest of the world has felt about the US for decades. I grew up in the 1970s in Western Europe. While there was certainly an element in my environment that viewed the US as the great allies who liberated us from the Germans in WW2 (now 3/4th of a century ago), even then people were raising their eyebrows at US domestic policy and were pretty frustrated (if not downright hostile) towards US foreign policy, and that has grown into widespread contempt, hostility, and ridicule 50 years later — and not just from those who have suffered from US bombs, sanctions, and puppet regimes. The people I know are largely well educated “western” people.

Certainly since the early 2000s, pretty much everyone I know sees the US as a nation in decline, with mixed emotions of fear, animosity, and pity, and as of today I don’t know anyone who still sees the US as a “super power” or anything other than a lost cause relying only on its past status, military, and fading influence of the US dollar. I have asserted for a long time that I’ll see the collapse of the US in my lifetime and I’m really scared that this might actually come true.

This terrifies me, because I have both good friends and employees who live in the US and I’m worried about them. I also have really fond memories to the time I spent in California, and I would love to go back and explore other parts of the US. Most of all I’m terrified of what will happen with the rest of the world when the US is no longer considered as relevant.


Why does Sean Hannity want to cripple US global influence, and strengthen China? Why does he hate America?


“…why should China be given back a penny, when they caused this”. And that attitude right there is why I predict the US will in due course go to war with China, to make them ‘pay’ for how badly hurt the US is. To deflect from monetary debts owed to China and to kick start the economy by ramping up its war machine and all the production and spending that comes with it.


Of course in the 1970s the problem was that anti-US feeling in Europe, as trendy as it was, came at the expense of ignoring the greater problem of the Soviet Union which would have liked to expand beyond the territory it took after WWII. These days, with the ex-KGB Putin and his allies tied into the US power structure, there isn’t even a separation between the inheritors of the two former superpowers.