Search for the Loch Ness Monster on a luxury super-catamaran

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no harpoon gun?

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I would think a craft that is silent would be a better way to find Nessie. Doesn’t have to be wind powered, but the less noise made, the better.

Not to mention the visual noise … dat paint job! Maybe they’re thinking the serpent shape will attract Nessie. Maybe they better be careful what they wish for. Soon on SyFy: Shark Ness Monster.

“Plesiopus: You Thought Sharktopus Was Implausible?”


This would be a lot of fun, assuming you had the option of not wasting your time looking for a nonexistent creature.

Well people have searched and failed, but maybe they never offered Nessie what she craves: Luxury.


Oh, I’m sure that if Nessie does exist, it would certainly choose to frolick around this hulking beast speeding through the water.

Given the success of the whale-watching business I wouldn’t be too surprised.

Isn’t it fascinating that sightings of Nessie, Bigfoot, and UFOs have all fallen in the ten years or so that the majority of people have been walking around with video and still cameras on their person at all times?

Inexplicably, in that same period the police have started to become violent bullies and drivers have suddenly started to try and kill cyclists and motorcyclists at every opportunity.


I want to go anyway. I have deliberately chosen to believe in the Loch Ness Monster. Because I like it.


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