Seattle has a food truck for dogs


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But does it have fair trade, organic, tree-to-table squirrel?


Seattle beat Portland to it.

Portlandia predicted it though.

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Is there a food truck for them somewhere? In Washington, the answer is YES!

Which needs to be ordered by a human and bought with human money? Not quite. That acknowledges their agency and autonomy as living things just as much as marketing fuel or windshield wipers directly towards one’s car. If a free dog cannot order food from these, then they are only treating dogs as domestic lifestyle accessories.

I can appreciate that it does make for a distinctive menu, at least.




made of monster, not dog.


And there’s even non-food food carts now!

Pulp & Deckle’s Mobile Papermaking Studio


Mmm, Human Menu.


I just rolled my eyes so hard at this story that I think I broke something in my skull.


Not even slightly surprised. Seattleites are just crazy about their dogs. Bars are “dog-friendly”. Even when you’re not technically supposed to have a dog with you - like in the grocery store - people just generally look the other way.


Within the past two days I’ve seen a bridal store truck and a Slack truck. I have no idea what the purpose of the latter is.


As there are no food trucks catering for cats, they have to make do by trying to hunt and consume their owners.


Can they be accompanied by any human or just registered service humans?


When properly done:


I have yet to find a food truck that doesn’t have food my dog will eat.


“But is the food any good?”

When you consider that lots of dogs will eat their own poop given the opportunity, the idea of a food truck for dogs seems pretty damn pointless.


Not exactly. If you look closely, the hamburger is $2.50, or $17.50 in Dog Dollars.

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Now that there’s a food truck for them, can we keep the adorable little allergens out of at least some of the restaurants in the city?

–Allergic in Seattle