Secret recording of weeping children begging for their parents while a Border Patrol official mocks them

Word around town is this might be actually what he wants


Off the top of my head I’d say yes, because the Constitution historically extends a lot of its protections to non-citizens and non-residents. The problem here, including for citizens, is that many of those protections go out the window in the 100-mile border civil rights grey zone where ICE gaining more power and losing more accountability every day this regime continues.


Would you mind explaining further what you think those intentions are? I’m still trying to wrap my head around this spectacle.


The link and text you posted is either an urban legend or an essay by someone.

Here’s a snopes thread where they tried to find a source:

There were some experiments on Rhesus monkeys, but not human infants.


Can you put up a citation on this? I clicked through to the Values Exchange link and there’s not really anything there.

Harlow’s experiments are generally seen as unethical today, and while I have found some records of similar experiments being performed by Harlow’s students, I can’t find anything about experiments on human babies. There was a spate of articles in the early 2000’s on Reactive Attachment Disorder in Russian babies adopted into the US, but that’s it.

ETA I see @baztastic got there first. Didn’t think to check Snopes.


The republicans and Trump are trying to curb immigration by not just going after said people more aggressively, but also by traumatizing them as to send a message to others to not try. That’s my take on it anyway, amusingly some republicans are criticizing the separation of families now that they are getting massive pushback from their base (see Ted Cruz, human garbage).


This sounds like a story from a Ceauşescu era Romanian orphanage. :cry:


So you’re saying this strategy is already having the intended effect of less people trying to come here? How do we already know this?

I have my doubts that that’s an intended effect, given that it’s what they’re openly claiming. (Since when do those in power not have ulterior motives for such actions.)


There have also been studies of outcomes for adopted children who grew up in post-Cold-War Russian and Eastern European state orphanges that withheld human contact, affection, and stimulation. The consequences of children spending an extended amount of time in such institutions, you won’t be surprised to hear, were not good.

It’s important to note that, as Aardvark Ratnik evil as this sounds, it’s what the regime has stated openly as regards goals. Not very far below that surface, of course, is the more general desire to pander to a Know-Nothing base that delights in any measure that visits misery and fear on darker-skinned folks.


I don’t think Trump cares regardless, he wants it to make it a living hell for immigrants. Effectiveness be damned, in his mind the punishment comes first and results follow later. He doesn’t live in a fact based reality after all. In this view, all of these crying kids and trauma is exactly what he wants and none of it is his fault.



However, for the record:

If you’re thinking of effectiveness in terms of “does this policy reduce immigration?”, no policy is going to be effective.

Immigration is primarily driven by events in the source country (“push factors”), not laws in the destination country (“pull factors”).


Yup, there must be some chromosomal sequence that only kicks in once you have a child. Which is why I won’t be able to listen to this audio, but thank you for posting it in hopes that more people will be exposed to it and become outraged enough to pressure Congress to act, for once, against 45.


Like i said, Republicans and more specifically Trump don’t live in a fact based world. They view immigration as a problem when reality shows it is the opposite, immigration is key to a healthy economy and society.


This is a test to determine the practical limits of state power. Obviously everyone finds it abhorrent because the traditional optics management is absent. It’s provocative by design.

They are openly doing the worst thing and waiting to see what you do. Will you share it on facebook? Will you be consoled by a spicy rant, or an opposition candidate who promises change? Will you blame it on the other side of the culture war, and despair of ever changing them?

Or will you go to these facilities and stop them from operating?

Power is only concerned with one of these possibilities.

When Trump proposed the muslim travel ban, we all went to the airports and stopped them from operating. We discovered that while bureaucrats want to obey their boss (Trump), they can be forced to obey another power: masses of people directly getting in the way of doing their job. This was an important lesson, because it revealed the only true threat to Trump’s power: mass disruption and disobedience.



Many of the immigrants coming from Central America are fleeing violence and chaos created by American imperialism. Without US intervention, a lot of those “push factors” would not exist.


Every person who works for ICE deserves to be publicly outed. The agency is the SS of our time. Nobody should be able to clock out after doing this shit 8 hours a day and then go home and act like everything is normal.


Has anyone figured out the name of the agent saying this yet? That, and where he lives, seems like newsworthy information that every American should know.

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My wishes for his natural death go far beyond a mere heart attack. Let’s just say, dying , in flagrante delicto with the most inappropriate person one can imagine. Let his legacy be forever tarnished. I would like to be more blunt, but that might get my comment deleted.


But then, you do leave room for imagination.


Well, here it is… in your face, undeniable … how does it get stopped?

This is the United States of America doing this to children.

Tell me these kids aren’t going to be affected by this, lost in the system, turned over to abusers, damaged and recruited by gangs, existing with a grudge in their heart.

Remember the shitstorm that came about from waterboarding? That was a few dozen people (some probably deserved a bit of the rough treatment, most not).

Here it is THOUSANDS of children suffering.

We can talk all we want about how no one will ever love the Trumps, how his brand will suffer, blah blah.

Obviously ever elected type in Washington on all sides, they’ve got no spines or moral strength to march on the White House and grab that orange fucker by the collar and tune him up.

For years Trump’s ability to inflict suffering was dismissed because there’s checks and balances, no one would dare implement the barbaric shit he talked about.

Until now.

It is happening.

You know some kids will die from abuse/neglect, you know some parents will commit suicide.

Goddamn the monsters running this show.