Secret Service agent shoots man near White House, here's what we know

The guy who claimed after the Parkwood massacre that he would storm into an active shooter call, but storms out anytime a female reporter asks anything but a total softball question?


My first impression was “suicide by cop.” Assuming everything reported is accurate it fits the profile.


Oh, no doubt, but the perimeter has been pushed out so far it’s a wonder they can still see the White House from the fence.


Wow, that sounds like a perfect story from which no one would have questions or doubt the actions of the officer! Gosh, how lucky it happened so apparently without questionable detail… amazingish…


I haven’t seen a source for any of those 3 other than the secret service, which is to say I’ve seen zero evidence it happened. Everything about this feels like an officer shot an unarmed civilian and now they’re stitching together whatever account of things deflects as much blame as possible.

Has there ever been a single case of an officer shooting when everything the cops reported was accurate? Even once?


Yep. That’s why I am so cautious. We have little to no info, and no independent witness statements yet.


Some accounts say the Secret Service person was also hospitalized? The account is weird and def feels missing some things. That being said, it does feel like a person with issues and not a conspiracy.


When we do get the details, the unknown person will turn out to be Ghislaine Maxwell.


There are definitely cameras all along the three blocks of Pennsylvania north of the White House that are generally closed to traffic, and there’s also a Secret Service police observation post right at that intersection, which is at the northwest corner of the Executive Office Building (the big ugly building just west of the White House). The observation post is just a little 10’x10’-ish building with four mirrored windows. I’d be surprised if there weren’t cameras in there.

The Secret Service cops assigned to the area around the White House are conspicuous and pretty numerous. They’re uniformed police–not like the guys in suits who accompany the president. They’re largely young, pretty diverse, and generally pretty friendly when nothing’s going on–every now and again I’ll see one giving directions to a tourist–but when they’re in business mode (for example, when a motorcade is coming through), they are pretty clearly not to be messed with. I imagine they’re on higher alert than normal right now given that their protectees are widely and deservedly hated by most residents of the District and surrounding area, and given the on-again-off-again protests a block north on BLM Plaza.

The intersection where this happened is usually open to pedestrian traffic and generally somewhat busy–during normal times, I’ll often cut through there on my way to work, and there are often 10-12 people standing at the corner waiting to cross 17th. But since the BLM protests, it’s been closed more often (though I haven’t been down there in the last few weeks).

The Secret Service cops’ record isn’t spotless, certainly–but people semi-regularly try to breach the White House grounds, at which point they’re gambling with their lives. The most likely explanation here is that the guy was playing stupid games and won a stupid prize.


I’m more doubtful of that, but thank you for the details on the area.
Do you happen to known if the uniformed secret service wear body cams?


Always expect the initial reports about anything like this to be useless gobbledegook. The first words that come out will be from people who are still worked up and trying to talk through an adrenaline overload. You have to wait to get word from people who were farther back, not directly involved, and piece things together. Every military commander knows that all reports you get during the first 24 hours of an operation are useless because they are from people who have only one extremely narrow view of the situation and they are too keyed up for accurate reporting. Same factors involved here.

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I don’t think they do. Requiring them is part of the police reform bill the Dems proposed in June.


I’ve been in both the EOB and the WH. The security is super tight. I think they scan you with gamma rays too. That long entry you go through must have every kind of detector known to man. Scary

Was part of the Obama trans policy meeting they held - and the first WH Stonewall reception. Fun getting the background check when you have a different name in your past. And an arrest as a teen. Sealed records? Ha. Fortunately they didn’t care about weed. So long as you fessed up.


At a guess, the SS guy was sent to the hospital for a hearing check. Firing a handgun without adequate hearing protection is likely to leave you with tinnitus. In most cases, it’ll be short-lived and will clear up on its own in a few days, but it might be that a checkup is mandatory, if only to ensure that the officer won’t turn around and sue the agency for permanent disability.

Sometimes reports of ‘officer-involved’ shootings explicitly mention tinnitus as the reason why the LEOs who discharged their weapons were sent to hospital, and that may also be the explanation in this case. More gruesomely, if the guy who was shot was close enough to the agent to splash blood on him, they may have wanted to check him for possible contamination. It’s never been clear to me how much of a health risk getting someone else’s fluids all over you actually is (assuming the person doesn’t have Ebola), but since HIV/AIDS came on the scene, a theory of what you might call “blood-borne cooties” seems to have gained ground.

The whole thing sounds to me like ‘suicide by cop’. I guess that ‘suicide by Secret Service agent’ is kind of the deluxe version of that particular package.


Where does it say the person died?

Can’t seem to see this anywhere


Xeni is the only one that I’ve seen report that he died. WAPO reports he is in critical but stable condition at the hospital as of an hour ago


It would be better if the bill demanded that every single person - cop, military, or civilian - had to wear a body cam at all times when they have a weapon on their person or within reach.

Protecting everyone’s freedoms /s (?)

And a great boost for the economy! :wink:


I think that everyone on this thread is getting the motivation wrong,
as well as who did the motivating.
The person was shot because of the stupid shit that Two Burgers
was talking in that press conference.

I hear Larry the Cat, of 10 Downing Street, is retiring. Something about moving to a farm in the country, I don’t think that’s a euphemism.

It didn’t say if he was fired or if he’d accumulated enough to retire to a life of leisure.

But maybe he can take over from Trump. He has a decent twitter following, I gather.

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fortunately? 95% of that 95% are bots that twitter allows in order to convince advertisers to fork over the big money; and not real people. mostly.