Secretly taped audio between Harvey Weinstein and model shows how aggressive he is

In large part because they sincerely believe that they got their money and power because they were arseholes. I can guarantee you that there have been times over his life when he responded to someone he considers a peer calling him an arsehole by saying “damn right, I’m an arsehole – how do you think I got here?”


Thanks for posting that. Parts 10-14 are especially important. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the ball-grabbing character that Patton Oswalt played on “Veep” is based directly on that Hollywood exec – writers get their revenge where they can.


The position of power means that he can threaten people into doing what he wants. That’s the key issue here, not his desperation.


Fuckin’ A; if it can happen to a big-ass muscular dude like Terry Crews, it can happen to anyone.

Power corrupts, that’s a given; but somewhere along the line some people seem to have gotten the idea that just because they employ someone in a high profile position, that means they “own” them and can do whatever they like. (See professional football team owners.)

That mentality needs to change, ASAP.


That was f’ing gross, and I’m just listening.


Jesus Christ its hard to read anything longer than 2 lines on twitter.

Anyone have a PDF guide or something similar to recognize coercion tactics? I will need to file that away for later.

Given how pathetic that sounded, I imagine the dopamine dump when it works must be massive? Surely someone must have written books about this sort of then and what they get out of it. I mean I get it supposed to be about power but this is all just bizarre to me. Especially since there is a whole community of people whose fetish and “fun” is playing with power.

It’s funny because he’s a skunk and he stinks?

I agree, but I think when people think of a man abusing power they imagine it as some one with authority ordering, or using sleazy charm, or more subtle tactics; threats of being ‘out’ or promises of things in the future. Not this.


Well, that’s what it is. Abuses of power come in a variety of packages. The fact that he was able to back up his threats with real world consequences help, but even dudes who aren’t rich and powerful doing this sort of BS is manipulative and can be threatening.


I think in their own heads it sounds very different than what the rest of us see and hear.

I suppose, but it might be less normalizing if the skunk winds up in jail for his sexual harassment. I’d watch that cartoon.


That audio was disturbing as all hell and it makes me want to vomit. What an manipulative, abusive, serial creep. From what’s been coming out, I’m sure over the years he’s undoubtedly put hundreds of women in this position. I hope his career and life are ruined beyond hope over all this.

Yeah, wrong transcript but same story no doubt.


Someone else might have a better one, but here’s a list similar to what I wrote:


And this is the Power and Control Wheel, which is used to help identify abusive behaviors:

Definately worth discussing it with your kid, not only to help them, but so they can help peers.


Not that I disagree with you, but Pepe LePew wasn’t originally ‘for kids’, it was for everyone. Cartoon shorts in general were usually in front of movies from major studios, and while most all of them were meant for general audiences, they weren’t intended for kids specifically, hence a lot of wordplay and puns that would go right over a child’s head.

Mind you, they still thought this was amusing behavior that could be lampooned. “Oh, those horny Frenchmen! Well, what can you do?” but they didn’t wake up thinking “how can we corrupt the youth of today?”

They also thought ‘Free Beer’ and shooting ducks in the face (and having them spit out a handful of birdshot) was acceptable behavior, too, so, you know… The times are a changin’.


Holy fucksticks he’s a stalker. It normalizes stalking. Staaaaahp.

depends on your definition of corrupt. I suspect our definitions disagree.

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I tried to listen but it’s just too fucking icky. And this was common knowledge within the industry? Jeebus Christ,WTF!!!


So like… if the Democrats looked at the Trump administration and said, “You know what we need? We need some of that!” Weinstein could be the Democrats’ Trump?


To all the people who think he’s trying to lure her in for more sex, go listen to the tape again…I hear someone who knows they’re busted, desperately trying to get a minute to talk her out of going to the authorities. He’s terrified in that clip. His life and career are potentially over for him, which is why he says he’s a famous guy, meaning it will ruin him. He says over and over that he won’t touch her, trying to make her feel safe enough to listen to him. He’s begging her to hear him out, in the hopes that he can convince her to keep his secret. A man in that position will try desperately to find anything to say that might hold off the inevitable - the end of his life as he knows it, and if he can just talk to her, he knows he can convince her to stay quiet.

You know why herd animals stick together? To increase their chances of survival. There needs to be a place were victims can reach out and support each other, compare notes, warn others of predators and maybe even bring class actions so it can’t be easily swept under a rug.


Damn guy, hyperbole much?

5 will get you 10 he got a golden parachute, and that he’ll be earning residual income from all things Miramax for years to come.

No sympathy; he’s not a victim, he was the predator, and it probably never even dawned on him that he wouldn’t get away with it like he always had before…


10/10 predators agree with you. Prey should congregate together and let their guard down.

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Uh - yeah - you don’t say "I’m going to take a shower, you sit there and drink.’ if one is “desperately trying to get a minute to talk her out of going to the authorities.” At least I assume that to be true, never been in that situation.

Also this was 2 years ago.

Also what authorities? I don’t believe he was she was accusing him of anything at this point.

He wasn’t that desperate as he kept at it for 2 more years.