See a fantastically strange red seadragon on video for the first time


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What does it taste like and will it help my willy get hard?


It tastes like the inside of a busy truck-stop toilet that hasn’t been cleaned in three months.

Well, your willy will become petrified for about 5 minutes, then it’ll fall off, shattering into a million teeny tiny pieces as it hits the floor. Enjoy!


Consult a doctor if it continues shattering for more than four hours.

Also any mention of the seahorse makes this obligatory:


Not much different than @OtherMichael’s Special Chile recipe… Wait a minute, I think that I finally discovered his secret ingredient.

That’s far more than I could have hoped for!


Ummm, isn’t that standard for all Seadragons/Seahorses?



Atari found this years ago:


Wow, it can grasp things with its tail? Uh, yeah! I would kind of expect that of a sea DRAGON, as even a sea HORSE can do that. Pretty sure dragon beats horse, people.


It tastes like fish and probably not.

Depends on how organized they are.


But does it breath fire?


Their next amazing discovery will be a pregnant male red seadragon.


Only after consuming the previously mentioned Chili…


Clearly a miniature aquatic camel / kangaroo hybrid disguising itself as a species of sea-dragon.


The bony little buggers are far too valuable as willy-hardeners in Traditional Chinese Scamming to even think about their flavour. And as they get rarer, the price goes up, so more incentive to strip-mine the reefs for the last of them.

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