Man angrily throws 13 foot python at sushi diners


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Rob Ford still dead?

Man angrily throws 13 foot python


at sushi diners

Oh, Los Angeles.



I would hardly call someone who throws a 13 foot snake and leaves it a “snake lover”


This one time at “sushi camp”…




I think they mean it’s not very nice to the snake…


I’ll just put this here:


Is raw snake meat any good to eat?

Just throwing it out there.


Wrap it up in seaweed / rice / wasabi and who’d know!


Rattlesnake is just a chewy bad time. Do not believe people who say it tastes like chicken.


I heard it tastes like Rob Ford.


“ONE TIME. I threw a 13 foot snake at sushi diners ONE time!”


I got Rattlesnake jerky once, lost a tooth and still trying to floss that shit from my rear molars. The dog loved it, said it tasted like chicken.


I killed one, at a boy scout campout in my early teens. One of our Dad’s took the “You eat what you kill” thing very seriously. He did give me a lesson on how to clean it without getting poisoned, handling the dead snake to not get a reflexive, after death bite of death.

I’d saw it was more akin to gator from new orleans than chicken, but reptiles.


From December, an unusual incident at a Saskatoon Tim Hortons, involved a question about onions on a breakfast sandwich. On the posted video it appears that someone reached into another person’s pocket, took out a live garter snake and threw it behind the counter. Seconds later a scream is heard.

No one was hurt and the snake (named Outlaw), which ended up with police, was also uninjured and police said it was given a new home and would be released to the wild in the spring.



Now that might not work in the “sushi” thingy…


Is a 13-foot python that has probably spent a leisurely life in an aquarium of some sort really at all dangerous?

I know they tend to be detrimental to ecosystems in the wild, but it’s not like it would start trying to chew off parts of people’s legs, is it?



Probably not, but I thought it was an apt representation of my initial response to this story, ie:

Who does that?!?