See Michael Keaton's Bat-cowl in the first teaser for the new FLASH movie

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Michael Keaton brings me to the theater for this!


I hope the Keaton-era Batmobile shows up. What a beauty!


How much longer do we have to wait until Keaton is age-appropriate to play the elderly Bruce Wayne for a live-action version of Batman Beyond?


OH, Ezra Miller was in We Need to Talk About Kevin. I hated him in that film. I mean, you were meant to, he was a monster.


He could do it today. He’s great in Dopesick, on the Sacklers and the opiate crisis. ETA: Can not wait until Giuliani shows up as a character.


I’ve been meaning to watch that. I used to be on Oxycontin.


Glad you used the past tense. And are still around. It’s really well done. Infuriating piece on modern history. ETA: Some people on opiates do need it, if every other avenue has been explored, don’t wish to insult people who do require the meds. The show documents how well the company marketed their drug to everyone, not close to just the ones who required it. Prioritized sales over humans. Damning.


NP. The problem is doctors don’t know what to do with people in chronic pain. Management is time and resource consuming, something most of them don’t have. Oxycontin worked well, but the time release element means you can crush it up and get all of it at once. But I have never felt high on opiates, just something resembling normal :confused: But with the crack down on opiate abuse, those in chronic pain are seen as potential abusers, pill poppers, and doc shoppers. Fortunately, after over paying a doctor for access, I found a new doctor and have an affordable management plan with a doc who I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong when I talk to him.


Completely necessary after surgery too.


And if you thought Bruce was dark and gritty…

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Alternate universe Howie Mandel sez, “We don’t have enough material for a teaser, and can’t make a trailer” and then proceeds to show a teaser trailer. Holy mackerel, Batman!

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