See Rebecca Black of "Friday" fame as Harley Quinn

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Some days I really do want to disappear to a remote island and spend my days listening to old jazz 78s and playing ukulele.


Yay Marv Newland! (I hear you about the island)

Man watching the edgelord video I feel you there. That song was … kinda awful.

I also cringe that she choose to attack furry fandom a bit with some off the shelf mascot suit all decked out to look edgy.

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Is it earnest? Is it parody?

Do these words have any meaning at all in this context?


I attended a Halloween wedding social the year Suicide Squad came out… A third of the ladies came as Harley Quinn , each one trying harder than the others to prance and inhabit the character.

It was pretty sad.

Ironic? Sincere? Who knows who cares? It was cool and snaps to her for sticking with performance and starting to find her voice. The shit she got from her first foray into performance would have driven back a lesser [person].


we’re not supposed to watch that video, are we?


the so-bad-it’s-good pop hit “Friday.”

this is… not that

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