See you at Defcon this weekend!

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Wish I could see you speak in person; hopefully you can look into doing a talk at Lightning in a Bottle on Lake San Antonio in Bradley, CA for all the thrifty Burner-types next year.

Good luck to you on all your talks and thank you for the work you do, now more than ever.

Sorry, won’t be there this year. More pressing engagement off in the woods.

But I’m looking forward to reading about the hacking of voting machines when I get back to civilization in a couple of weeks!

Careful or Trump might want to hire you.

Oh, he should, I would be bigly successful working for Donald Trump. Right off the bat I’d have Steve Bannon stripped, shaved, and thoroughly greased, then I’d have a saddle strapped on his back so the President could spur him through the corridors of the Capitol building shouting “YEE HAW!” And that’s just on my first day, I wouldn’t get to Vice-President Pence’s special surprise until later. I would be the very best, I’m telling you. The President would love it.


It’d be hyuge. Fantastic.

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