Self-aiming sniper rifle can be pwned over the Internet

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Cue NRA outrage in 3… 2… 1…

“What do you mean that hackers can permanently disable a gun!? Guns should always be ready to fire! How else are Good Guys With A Gun ™ supposed to be able to stop Bad Guys With A Gun ™?”

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Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Just ask the NRA and its’ whacko followers.

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But the rifles’ flaws signal a future…

Nonsense, it’s an isolated incident, like all the other ones. Plus, hackers are bad, so it’s not the manufacturer’s fault. Also, the gun is good…




I’ll just leave this here.


I have to wonder… why on earth would someone (who is not in the military) want a self-aiming rifle like this? Target shooting’s no fun if your gun is compensating for your aim. Hunting would be similarly bland. You’re unlikely to be in a situation to use it for self defense. And you’re unlikely to get better at aiming if something’s automatically compensating for you.

Maybe “consumers” includes groups like Blackwater/Xe/Academi? I hope so…

Bugs happen.

Patch them. Eventually reengineer the design to reduce the vulnerable area to the minimum possible.

And iterate again.

Um, dudeentity, it’s a gun and this is 'mur’ca!

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Nonono, that one is self-maiming. The two things are commonly confused.


Even better, how about a little thing that simply walks over and delivers the bullet personally:

… and can be pwn’d on the internet.

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A little nit pick: “allow your adversary to redirect bullets to new targets of their choosing.”

That sort of makes it sound like it is changing the bullet’s path, vs changing what the scope is showing the cross hairs on.

Anyway, it was neat tech that looks like something from Ghost in the Shell. If not now, it will be available in the future. Note this was marketed to recreational shooters, so making it unhackable probably wasn’t a priority like if it were sold to the military.

Also - this is the sort of thing that makes people wary of “smart guns”. Some one able to hack and render useless.


Well, this gun isn’t autonomous normally. It is held by a human.

Just don’t Rick-Roll them through the scope…they just start firing wildly…

It’s exactly like Ghost in the Shell. Remember SaC 1st GiG episode 2? Saito gets his hawkeye satellite targeting system hacked by a tank being piloted by a dead guy’s brain. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and the tank was about that big.

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I do remember that. And Batou had his eyes hacked by The Laughing Man that one episode.

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Everyone got their eyes hacked by the Laughing man, in realtime, on live TV, while he was simultaneously braindiving another person (Serrano Genomic’s CEO).

The only people he didn’t hack in that incident were two bums who had no brain augmentation.

There’s also that episode where Saito tests out a new targeting computer, but it keeps second-guessing his skill. The Tachikomas interrogate the computer and use it as an opportunity for philosophical exposition IIRC.


Could be fun tech to play with.
Todo: learn OpenCV.

Does everything have to have WiFi these days? A gun on the IoT? No thanks!

I was going to put in a rhetorical ‘what’s next, WiFi toilets?’ but a little voice suggested I should Google that first. Looks like I’m a few years late to the party.

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