Self-isolating Oprah Winfrey goaded into "house arrest" denial by conspiracy theorists

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Didn’t you know, Tom Hanks isn’t sick! He was arrested for being a pedophile. Celine Dion and Madonna are going to be next. COVID-19 is just a cover story so governments can secretly assassinate all the celebrity pedophiles. “The Storm” is coming! There will be 100,000 assassinations and arrests! This is all made possible because Harvey Weinstein (this is why he only got 23 years instead of 55) and Jeffery Epstein (he’s not dead) cooperated and named names!

Or at least that’s what one of my asshole customers told me Monday morning after staying up all night “researching”

I would provide links, but I really don’t feel like fucking around in the Q cesspool this morning.


Tracked down the source of the Oprah sex trafficking arrest hoax, and it’s just this weirdo talking in a parking lot for ten minutes. Now it’s the top trending topic.

Hey, I’m a weirdo, and I have access to a parking lot. Maybe I can get internet famous?


PIzzagate, “death panels”, Obama’s birth certificate, the Clinton “death list”, Qanon, Obama Youth Squads . . . do conservatives believe in the Tooth Fairy?




We used to dismiss the Tea Party as a bunch of fringe nobodies, now they control the GOP.

Meanwhile, Qanon is running congressional candidates:


My sister sent me this conspiracy theory. It would be uproariously funny if you could forget that people somehow believe it and might go shoot up a pizza parlor or something.


QAnon believes liberals are running a secret pedophile sex trafficking ring with nothing to back it up other than rants from tinfoil hat weirdos, and absolutely zero evidence or individuals coming forward.

Simultaneously believe the women accusing Trump of rape and sexual harassment are just in it for the money, making it harder for men to be men in this ultra sensitive feminist climate.

I. Can’t. Even.


Yeah, that’s the all bullshit I was referring to in my comment.

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No links to it at least; no ad revenue for conspiracy sites.

The funny thing about these folks making grand apocalypse predictions is that they often are not swayed when none of them come true. They just buy into whatever the next one is about. Conspiracy theories are more a symptom of an underlying problem.


you certainly can.

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What disgusts is the propagator’s prefacing comments: “Is it true? Who knows, and I am definitely not saying it is. If it is true, holy shit.”

It’s not just the QAnon fanatics who are reprehensible, it’s these people, the ones who say “I don’t know… It could be true…”


Common Trump tactic. No wonder they love him.


The funny thing about these folks making grand apocalypse predictions is that they often are not swayed when none of them come true.

If you have even moderately been paying attention to all the Q-moron stuff there are so many dates that have come and gone without anything coming true. Monday morning when I had a customer going full on in Q mode I was too shocked to say anything. My brain was just screaming “Of fuck is this still something people actually believe in?” I really thought the Q stuff had fallen off the map about a year and a half ago because none of it was coming true. I was fucking gobsmacked to find out that it was still a thing with baby boomer morons.


IIRC one QAnon claim is that Trump has gone undercover to investigate the liberal paedophile network.

Needless to say, this would provide a way to explain away any accusations that Trump has molested children.


I remember seeing this during the birther BS 10 years ago, specifically regarding that “layers in PDF files = fake birth certificate?!”

Sometimes I miss being on Facebook but this makes me glad I left.

Substitute “many people are saying…” and it could be a trump quote.


Trump undercover? That’s some Olympic level mental gymnastics. He doesn’t have the self control to keep a secret he feels would be damaging to a perceived enemy. Let alone self control, of any sort.

It must be exhausting for these people to have to subscribe to so much nonsense.


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