Selfies you don't want to see at all




worth viewing.


Interesting, in that they don’t seem to understand what a selfie is (it’s a mythological were-seal, right?)


Wait…selkies were were-seals? I thought they were more like mermaid-seals.


Depends on the story - sometimes they are also more like seal skin walkers (swimmers?)


I’ve never understood the appeal of this kind of photography - and the humor in these nine images completely escapes me. Is there an aspie-friendly explanation for what’s going on here? I’m genuinely curious.


for starters, they’ve all got big bellies. (except for Palin and Weiner.) that’s a chuckle right there.

…aaaand, Rob Ford’s been in the news. he’s Canadian. aaaand Anthony Weiner is naked! And…

uh. I mean, we’d all like to see pictures of fat Canadian politicians, right?

aaaaand… uh. Did I mention the big bellies? Oh, that’s a knee-slapper, right there, that one is.


So, just people who could swim?


I think the “big bellies” on the male U.S. Supreme Court Justices are actually indicating pregnancy. That was the one image I found funny in the group.

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