Sen. Gillibrand said she screamed 'Go Joe!' throughout his speech. Cut to her sleeping in her seat

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Sounds like a great dream to me.


“I’m 100% behind you! I’ve got your back!.. in spirit.” :sleeping:


During 99% of that first video she was yammering on and Joe was trying to interact with someone else.

People like that… ugggg.


Saving the US Democracy is tiring, you gotta catch a nap where you can.


Isn’t she the one who throws office supplies at her employees or something?


Living in the UK, I’m regularly embarassed and all-too-often ashamed of the apalling behaviour of our elected representatives in the House Of Commons.

…But there is something about the applause which seems to constantly interrupt SOTU speeches which genuinely chills me to the bone. Do many Americans* find it weird, or is it just us cynics on the outside?

*Actually I know plenty of Americans who find it very very weird, but they all live outside the US.


This is the equivalent of “you used to want to bone them, but look at this celeb now!” trash from the likes of People that stalk celebrities praying for shots of cellulite and belly rolls. I watched the entire thing and every time she came on camera (she’s my Senator, so I noticed), she looked like she had a Jolt Cola before.

Also, who gives a fuck? Gillibrand just passed (bIpArTiSaaaaaaN!!!) the long-stalled bill she sponsored and has championed for years that will finally allow victims of sexual abuse in the military to be heard and seek justice.

Meanwhile, Boebert and Greene were acting like fucking chimps in a shit-throwing contest. I can’t think of a less relevant take from last night’s speech than this.


Oh, it’s very weird. What’s weirder still, from our perspective (though entirely common in the UK parliament) is the booing and jeering coming from the opposition. There’s always been a bit of muttering, but the complete breakdown of decorum really started during Obama’s tenure. Wanna guess why???

ETA: US politics is all about performance. That’s why I guarantee right now the right wing twittersphere is retweeting every time Biden misspoke or slurred his speech as some evidence of his lack of fitness. It’s more than just ignorance that has led us the elect unqualified actors, fake cowboys and reality trash to the highest office.


Count me as an American who finds it weird, especially when the chants of USA, if I remember correctly, happen.


Oh gosh, really? I genuinely don’t think I could keep watching.


I looked it up because I couldn’t remember if it was USA or something similar and found it’s not the first time. I don’t normally watch, but happened to be watching a YouTuber who was reviewing it.
Here is a video of last evening’s chant.


Oh golly. Yeah, I had to stop it… Gah! The cringe!


There are way too many Americans who take the whole “American exceptionalism” thing far too seriously.


Oh yeah… it happened. I actually thought Ol’ Handsome Joe would get lashed today for not joining in.

What was kinda cool about that moment (chanting aside) was that he had just gone on a tear about his four-point plan to bring manufacturing back to the US by enforcing the nearly century-old law that the Gov’t should buy USA products. He dragged all former presidents (and by implication, Obama) for not enforcing the rule. It was a really cool moment, IMO that merited a response, but we’re not imaginative enough as a culture to come up with better than “USA”, I guess. Whatever.

ETA: Oh, and the best part was that this was in his section addressing inflation, but he managed to clearly link it to COVID supply chain issues and the invasion of Ukraine. A speech writer’s dream.


I still mostly rely on old West Wing episodes for an explanation of how the American Government works, so I’m picturing Sam and Josh getting excited about a moving graph on a tiny CRT screen, here.


By comparison, in Westminster yesterday the whole House actually joined together in applause:

I’m sure it’s happened before, but I don’t think I remember ever seeing it.


No, that’s Amy Klobuchar. Vox excuses her behavior. I don’t. No one should have anything thrown at them by their boss. EVER.


Who doesn’t struggle to stay interested in what has become a big piece of political theater?

Scripted political point → standing ovation, usually by one party only.


it’s like using a large font on a term paper. pads out what would otherwise be an only medium long speech

honestly, i feel bad for all those old person knees. up down, up down, up down. it’s got to be the biggest workout of the year for some regardless of age