Senate Judiciary Committee finds Russia funded Trump campaign via the NRA


I’m thrilled - now we have legitimate reason to disband the NRA. Its about time.


I doubt they’ll bring a case directly against Dolt-45. There are too many cut-outs between him and Putin. If his company’s tax returns show (as the likely will) heavy indebtedness to Russian oligarchs and banks it will do PR but not legal damage (unless there’s a smoking-gun document showing that he himself hired someone like Manafort or Page due to a “suggestion” by one of his Russian creditors). If he attempts to fire Mueller or Rod Rosenstein we’ll be headed into Nixon territory.

What will happen is that a lot of his appointees, campaign staff and donors, business associates, and family members are going to be spending a lot of time in courtrooms and prosecutors’ conference rooms in regard to their connections with proxies for the Russian state. Those connections are also going to be exposed in the press. More GOP establishment types might distance themselves from him. If all that results in the regime being hobbled in its attempts to push forward its kleptocratic and racist agendas and limiting him to one term I’ll be satisfied.

Against that, though, is the 25% Know-Nothing base who’ll support him no matter what and the GOP politicians who pander to them or who (like Dana Rohracher) are friends of Putin. Combined with a broken political system, a generally corrupt GOP establishment and a hapless Dem one it could easily go bad.


I do not share your opinion of the Vice President, and would prefer that President Trump be removed by election of someone more competent and humane.


Well then, that’s different. :slightly_smiling_face:


According to New York Post, the amount of money was about $2500

The National Rifle Association received just over $2,500 in funds from Russians or Americans living in Russia since 2015, the gun rights advocacy organization told a Senate lawmaker, according to a report on Wednesday.

If that is all, then what is the big deal?


If they didn’t register as foreign agents it’s serious stuff no matter what the amount.

There’s also the jarring oddness (at least for the rank and file members) of the xenophobic and nationalist NRA serving as a conduit for Russian money.


$2,500? That’s not even pocket change at the national campaign level. And some of it is from American NRA members currently living in Russia paying their dues? This story is a big load of nothing.


Oh, I’m pretty sure its more than $2500.

Tip of the iceberg…


Two words: Oliver North


This article


Since he was appointed on May 17, 2017, Mueller’s office has charged 19 people and three Russian companies. He has charged four Trump campaign advisers, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn and ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

The four were plea bargains on charges distantly related to the election. One of the companies is in court, demanding evidence in the disclosure process.


That’s a lot of witches.




This should be all the ammunition required for all Democrat candidates to renounce any donations or support from the NRA.

Bahahaha. We know that isn’t going to happen.


To clarify further for @bobzwrz : a democratic socialist wants a socialist state (worker control of the means of production (factories, farms, business places, etc.), abolition of the capitalist class, all that fun stuff) which is democratic. Goes through worker’s councils, direct democracy, lotteries, etc.

A social democrat wants a capitalist state with amenities. Think Europe: healthcare, tuition, maybe a labor law or two…

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