Senator James Risch is so kooky he thinks President Biden is controlled by someone with a wireless device

yeah they scary mate.


Cutting the president’s video/audio was probably a system they were researching with Trump. It was badly needed after all…

How exactly you’d implement that is not really clear to me (after all not all news videos are routed through the white house) but I can understand Trumps handlers for having dearly wanted such a switch… :smiley:

Btw, the way it’s written here it looks like this senator believes Biden has an actual implanted chip which prevents him from speaking or something. And if you don’t look any further you could understand his questions like that. But he’s actually talking about a switch in the studios where he’s talking. which is a lot less far fetched and a lot less kooky. Still very implausible, because the WH would need to rewire every studio Biden speaks at without anybody noticing, but not actually technically impossible. Such censor switches are standard in all live event mixing desks I think, though normally it’s the director of the live show controlling it. You could theoretically make that remote controlled. Or you could plant a handler at every location where Biden is speaking. Very implausible that ‘they’ could do that without anybody noticing but still…
I think it is a distraction and dangerous to make the crazies look crazier for the wrong reasons. With the story as it is presented here it’s easy to think:‘nobody will take him seriously, because it’s just too far fetched.’ While someone ‘directing (like a film director, I’m not sure if this is the right word?)’ Biden is not really less believable than Trump being controlled by Putin, depending on what you have been told.

“A button controlling the President, Senator? For gods sakes. This is 2021… we’ve got an app for that.” /s


That’s modern technology for you. Previous presidents were remotely controlled by wire – you could see the cord if you looked closely enough. Before that it was steam control and the pipes were really obvious.


Trump was gas powered


I’ve thought for some time (since the 2nd Bush administration) that the cardinal rule for republican politicians is that they need to avoid creating the impression that they’re any smarter than their base. So, they keep probing for what that might mean. If anyone reading this has a better explanation for this sort of behavior, I’d love to see it.

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The first time I didn’t watch the exchange, but I heard the audio. Blinken sounded calm, composed and polite. I finally saw the video this morning and Blinken really looked amused, although his voice sounded neutral. A lot more context.

I could be wrong, but his amused facial response made me think he was laughing at the senator’s suggestion that the President is hardwired to the WH.

I agree with @cepheus42–the senator from Idaho may not have meant what he said, but he said it nonetheless.

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This is literally the plot to the book Interface by Stephen Bury (a pseudonym for Neal Stephenson and his uncle.) President has stroke, is restored by a conspiracy that installs controls in his head and uses it to first win an election then install a president who’s under their control. Good book, but literally just a fantasy.

Also reminds me (a bit) of Burroughs’ “The Coming of the Purple Better One.”

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