Senator Tuberville celebrates Alabama's "crucial" access to broadband — even though he voted against it

Originally published at: Senator Tuberville celebrates Alabama's "crucial" access to broadband — even though he voted against it | Boing Boing


Any senator who goes by “Coach” is suspect in my book. Sure, he was a coach once. Today, he is just a plain old, hypocritical, red-hat wearing moron. I wonder if the good folks in Alabama know he voted against it?


The “good folks” will believe what he tells them to believe, now 4 times faster with broadband!


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This is how the whole Republican party works, now. They take positions that are unpopular even with their voters, vote against popular things and for unpopular things, then take credit for the popular results they had nothing to do with, knowing that their voters won’t know any better. The voters are getting their information primarily from political ads (and Fox News equivalents), because they don’t read. The only way to reach them is to take out ads explaining that the Republicans are full of shit, but Democrats don’t have the money to do this for every issue, so Republicans know they can safely keep operating this way.

Our politics are so completely broken.


Cornyn aides had responded to the accusations of hypocrisy by also pointing to a June 2020 tweet in which the senator said his postings on the social media site are often simply intended to provoke thought and discussion.


You know the saying. When life gives you $1.4 billion, make lemonade.


I watched the video clip of Biden in the OP, and I have a question. It might be a dumb question, but here goes.

After Biden quoted Tuberville, it looked to me like he then crossed himself (made the sign of the cross). It seemed like the audience laughed at that. I don’t know how to “read” something like that—what was Biden “saying” to the audience by crossing himself?


It’s a superstitious move, meant to ward off evil spirits or temptation.

The use of the sign of the cross traces back to early Christianity, with the second century Apostolic Tradition directing that it be used during the minor exorcism of baptism, during ablutions before praying at fixed prayer times, and in times of temptation.

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Oh…so was he sort of saying, like…Please let no harm come to me for having mocked Tuberville—? Or maybe…Help me watch my tongue and not be tempted to say too much more—?


Yeah, probably. Still, Biden does do the move a lot, which tends to be more of a Catholic thing than Protestant, I think.


from you link:

Many individuals use the expression “cross my heart and hope to die” as an oath, making the sign of the cross, in order to show “truthfulness and sincerity”, sworn before God, in both personal and legal situations.

So possibly Biden meant something like…That’s the truth, I’m not lying to you, Tuberville really said that!

Anyway, thank you, I have a better understanding now.


He seems to like doing it when invoking the name of anyone in the GOP, implying the individual he’s mentioning is evil.


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“Lord save us from lying pieces of shit like Tuberville.”

Love me some Fightin’ Joe!


“Cross my heart and hope to die” maybe?

Or just showing that even the faithful can poke stupid things with sharp sticks.


The reason Republicans celebrate the passing of Democrats plans that benefit their constituents is because they have no plans to benefit their constituents,

Republican plans when any are presented to Congress are intended to punish their constituents for nor believing in what they, the politicians, believe in.


Republicans just hate helping people or even allowing people to help others on their watch. But they love tricking rubes into voting for them.


I grew up with it being the Catholic version of the southern “bless them”, also a casual “forgive me, God, for I just thought a bad thought” aka “I’m not going to say what I just thought because it is mean.”

In other words, I saw it as a classic Catholic way of throwing shade.


Which is a shame because Alabama is home to a NASA research center (Huntsville) and where Mobile is seen as more progressive (to my understanding) than the rest of the state because it is a port city.

What I’m trying to say is to echo what @Mindysan33 expresses about Georgia (lovely place, btw): not all of Alabama is this way and it sucks that this jerkoff is their representative.

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