While supporting racism, Senator Tommy Tuberville claims to oppose it

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Tommy Tuberville lost any credibility before he was elected when he couldn’t name the three main branches of government, and said we fought WWII to rid the world of communism. The man is an absolute moron. He makes MTG and Lauren Boebert look smart.


This racist dope is also an anti-choicer, of course.


Ohhhhhhh, I see what he’s doing. Redefining a well understood term so he can use it freely and pretend he doesn’t get what it DOES mean and what it has ALWAYS meant.

“You see, they are white, and they support their nation, that makes them “white nationalists” of course! It has NOTHING to do with race, you see, it’s just their identity and patriotism.” - Tommy “Unwoke” Tuberville

What a laughable turd blossom this prick is. Shove that shit right back down his throat and call him out again, and again, again. They are racists; they are racists; they define THEMSELVES as racist, you numpty!


Actually opposing racism requires being able to identify it when you see it. Someone calling themself a White Nationalist is explicitly saying they want a White Nation. The only way to not understand this is to deliberately avoid understanding this.


The white nationalists themselves know who they are; their ‘brand’ requires them to announce their racism at every opportunity. Senator Tuberville, on the other hand, must walk a tightrope between pandering to his electorate and defending himself against ‘the liberal press’ (read: anyone who knows what a white nationalist is and wants them NOWHERE NEAR military equipment or training, not even for janitorial purposes). He’s blowing his dogwhistles as loudly as possible and praying to whatever he holds holy that ‘the left’ cannot force him into a rhetorical corner that requires him to tell either the unvarnished truth (“They are racists, I am a racist”) OR to put an easily-disproved lie into the public record (“They are not racists, I am not a racist”).

Life is very rough for a regressive Congress-thing who is painfully aware that his regressive viewpoints and political affiliations make him more vulnerable to being voted out of office with every passing day. He is also aware that the GOP as a viable political party cannot survive much longer, and he can only hope to safely retire with all possible protection and ‘golden parachute’ jobs he can grab before the party as a concept shuffles off to the dustbin of history.


“White Nationalism is racism.”

“That’s your opinion.”

“No, that’s their own opinion of who they are.”


Slightly off topic here but he seems to want to be addressed, including by senior military leadership and the president, as “coach” and not Senator, that seems a bit weird to a non-American.
Do sports coaches in the the US always expect to be addressed as coach even by people outside their teams or organizations?
Do you have to be a full time professional coach to get that as an honorific.
Wouldn’t “Senator” be higher than “coach”
How long after you stop coaching sports teams do you still get to keep the title? Wikipedia has this guy’s last coaching gig finishing in 2016 and he’s been a senator for 2 and a half years.
For the record I was also a bit confused by it’s use in Ted Lasso.


I don’t watch CNN, but anchor Collins’ steadfastness in her questioning of this shit weasel makes me kind of want to.
She has moxie. I hope we see more of her (and more like her) in the near future.
Tuberville, otoh, is a transparent NAZI.
And, yes, it’s creepy that he refers to himself in the third person as “coach.”


Maybe coach is his preferred pronoun


Coaches get paid better than senators.



It’s similar but antithetical to “professor”. Or “Sensei”, maybe. American football coaches are mythologized beyond reason, just as the needs of the football team are often highly prioritized over academia. It’s an obnoxious affectation for those of us within the US too.


They are, by definition, racists.
Plain ol’ nationalists are bad enough as it is.

It’s part of the ethos of the party you belong to.

Not all white people, or even most.
Says a lot about those he chooses to associate with, though.

Well, Tommy, because of your stunt of denying approval of military promotions because the military provides health care [abortions] to their members, you are hindering the ability of our military to do its job.

YOU are giving aid and comfort to our enemies, Tommy, and that is TREASON,

The penalty is spelled out in the Contitution, Tommy. Is this bullshit stunt really the hill you want to die on?


Senate Minority Whip John Thune, R-S.D., told ABC News on Tuesday that while he did not see the Tuberville appearance on CNN, he made clear that white nationalism has no home in the Republican Party.

Wait What GIF by Willie Jones
White nationalism is the fucking Republican Party, you ingenuous asshat!


I’ve heard people use “coach” as a nick-name for someone who has never been a coach, which further confuses the matter.


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