Serial liar George Santos steps down from his committees

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He’s basically said he only ran to be able to get the health care and pension. He doesn’t give a shit about the work, and he’s just a serial liar.

So, please, stop stigmatizing people with ACTUAL mental illnesses.


As pathetic and repulsive as George Whateverhisrealnameis is, McCarthy is worse: stupid, short-sighted, craven, hungry for the emptiest kind of power.


And he’s shown to be quite capable at real world grifting. That takes skill and focus.


Looks like he’s only stepping down so they won’t catch heat for voting Ilhan Omar off her committees…

This may all be because House Republicans are trying to kick Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) off the Foreign Affairs Committee, which would require a full House vote, and having Santos serving on committees in the meantime makes the party look pretty hypocritical.


However, the allegedly 34-year-old alleged fraudster.

I think that @Carla_Sinclair missed out an “allegedly” there.
It is amazing that the only thing we can actually be certain of, is that [real name here] is a fraudster.


He did plead guilty in that Brazil case.


Sorry, yes, you are correct; we know he is a criminal :smile::+1:


I think it is the age they are alleging is only an “allegedly”

(God bless the US: alleged is no help here to defend you from a defamation suit. This fucker wouldn’t probably have any allegations here!)


I heard that there are a lot of allegations coming his way; or at least I think that is what was mentioned.



So did he “step down” or was he pushed? (If Santos did step down, thinking this would somehow take the heat off him, well… LOL. He’s going to find out the hard way it doesn’t help.) It sounds like he was pushed, because of the optics are especially bad right now.

Yes, I could see how pushing Democrats off committees in order to replace them with a multi-crime fraudster would be a bad look. I’m guessing they’ll get rid of Omar and then (quietly) seat him on the committees.


He brushed everything off until they started investigating where his money came from. When he gets arrested, the GOP will pat themselves on the back for identifying this fraud, without ever actually taking any steps at all to punish him.


Nothing that Santos has done or said so far deserves to be described as Machiavellian, which requires, by definition, shrewd intelligence. Wants to step down? More like told to step down and not only to make way for the GOP’s move on Omar, but perhaps to make Santos’ increasingly likely forced removal by the law politically less embarrassing for the GOP House. (A sort of stealth signal to the base that they didn’t really want him on board, so nothing that should be counted as a serious loss to the Dems.) The loss of an effectively demoted and low-level House member would be more easily digested by the Right.


That’s not what I said.


I was commenting on the bold portion. I guess I should have excerpted that. I should have used this:


Did Congressman Devolder, Congressman Zabrovsky, and Congresswoman Ravache step down from their committees as well?


Okay. That seems like, if true, was not a decision made by him, but by the leadership in the house. They’ve been gunning for Omar for a long time and would love to get her out off her committees and even out of the house. They see the removal of MTG as in need of retribution. None of that requires anything approaching deep strategical thinking, and I did not imply that. This is grade school level shit - “you hurt one of ours, we’ll hurt one of yours”.


Those, and perhaps many others. Throw a dart at an open phone book.

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ONCE HE IS CLEARED? Does he have a magic monkey paw that can change REALITY? He’s never going to be “Cleared”. It’s not POSSIBLE for him to be cleared. That’s some high grade crack that they’re smoking at the GQP.


Perhaps they’re all so corrupt that their (even if english had the gender neutral pronoun it needs, the plural may be appropriate here) con isn’t really that remarkable.

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