Serial racist: for years, New Yorkers have been videoing their encounters with ranting racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg


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This guy having a licensed business is a one-man walking crisis of the commons.






My God! There was a racist in New York?



The increasing concentrations of spit in his food just exacerbates his condition


One of the local news affiliates here interviewed his neighbors. The sound bite they’re running with is “yeah… He’s just not a very good person” followed by some nervous laughter.


Honestly I don’t know how a racist can function in NYC. Hmm, maybe this proves you can’t? This loser does not seem highly functional.

I go up there to do jobs sometimes and it often seems like you can’t have ten people in the room without having fifteen ethnicities represented. It’s a major melting pot, which is one of the few things I enjoy about New York! There’s always lots of diversity of background and viewpoint, which fosters group creativity.


But wouldn’t NYC be LESS diverse if we didn’t make the city comfortable for racists to spew hateful garbage from the doorways of their businesses and they all had to leave? Right? Right? alt-Right?


I can see him on team Trump for the re-election campaign in 2019/2020.
And I’m not being sarcastic.


I am truly surprised that nobody has punched this asshole in the face.

Somebody give his home address to the poo throwing lady in Canada. He has a bathroom.


What an ugly person.


Add him to New York tourist maps, for that authentic experience.


After seeing all the stuff that’s popping up on this guy it’s seems obvious that this guy has some serious mental issues. Beyond typical racist looney this guy has some kind of death wish. He’s gonna run that crap on someone in a shit mood for assholes and get the living shit stomped out of himself. Pity it’s taken so long…
on second thought maybe he’s like Westboro Baptist and wants assaulted so he can sue someone. Either way he needs a therapeutic ass beating


there are plenty. Usually older, louder white men. Either typical white collar careers. Lawyer, Finance. Or in the construction business or other blue collar work. Often seem to be from queens or staten island. And frequently spew their horse shit as part of an obnoxious “I’m from new york watch out” attitude.

It doesn’t go down well outside of these guy’s native neighborhoods. And it closely resembles the “yay Trump” mentality in big parts of Long Island and New Jersey.


I don’t know how someone could live in NYC and assume anyone he heard speaking Spanish was an illegal immigrant rather than, say, an American citizen from Puerto Rico.


Also, t-shirts!
“Aaron Schlossberg ranted at me” etc etc


From my short time living there I can definitely confirm the existence of racists assholes. In my meager experience it was mostly people who grew up there and have strong feelings of entitlement… Thy’re ‘true’ new yorkers and are rather aggrieved by any interlopers. Plus, it’s such a big city, basically every kind of psychotic dipshit can find friends.


Serious question: is he schizophrenic? That reaction to bumping into a guy on the street is the reaction of not just a hateful goon, but someone with an actual mental illness.

(and to clarify, these are not mutually exclusive or meant to excuse his behavior in any way; mental illness and genuine shittiness can and do coexist in a lot of folks)