Serial season 3 has launched: "A young woman at a bar is slapped on the butt. So why’s she the one in jail?"

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Big fan of what they’re doing this season. Big cases are interesting, but they have little impact on society. Meanwhile, these overly powerful judges are doing insanely racist, misogynistic, unconstitutional things to the low and middle class, especially blacks and latinos, without anyone batting an eye. The fucking judge in episode one telling people they’ll be breaking their parole if they have another kid…


Distilled rage in podcast form. If that’s the best case scenario…

Because I am that person: here’s the information for anyone who would like to contribute to that judge’s electoral opposition: She’s a black woman defense attorney


Her campaign address:
Committee to Elect Wanda C Jones
Karin Axner Treasurer
33595 Bainbridge Rd
105 Solon OH 44139 (Her website could use polish, but I think she’s running on a shoestring.)


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