Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Michael Flynn’s request for immunity

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Zero f*cks are given for Flynn, ever.


I never ever cared for Seth Meyers prior to him taking over Late Night. Now he is a staple of my consumption.

There is some truth to “if you aren’t guilty, you do not need a lawyer” but also it is always wise to have counsel and representation for yourself in legal matters regardless of guilt or innocence.

The real issue here is Flynn specifically requesting blanket immunity. THAT indicates that he is in fact guilty of something - whether that something is a chargeable offense or crime remains to be seen; point of fact he is worried it could be.


Trump’s response, prredictably, made no sense. He tweeted, in effect, Meyers should get immunity because he did nothing wrong. That’s actually the opposite of how immunity works.

Back during the campaign, he said something similar: Huma Abedin should not be offered immunity because she knows where all the bodies are buried. Somebody needs to explain to the president how immunity functions as a tactic.

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On the other hand, lots are given for the potential crapstorm of revelations about the regime’s connections to their Uncle Vlad if this one scumbag is given immunity to rat them out. If they do give Flynn a pass they’d better make sure it’s worth it.

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The whole thing where he walks out of the one thing he does seem to do, sign executive orders for TV, I find super bizarre. To me it points to him being actually senile. I’ve seen some talk about this incident but not much.

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The smarter high level Trump admin officials are seeking postings as Ambassador to Russia or other countries without extradition treaties.

It must be true 'cause I read it somewhere…that might have been here.

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