Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?


Have we gone 3 days without questions because everybody is lost in that VR of a lady duck’s personal parts?


Everybody was there?

is that why it was so crowded?


Haven’t I been doing my best to stay distracted via drugs to ignore the fact I am passing a kidney stone?
Aren’t I annoyed it still hasn’t passed yet? Don’t I run out of lovely lovely Vicodin today?


Oh man, I missed that post, and didn’t I go through that same thing when I was in college? And didn’t the college health service tell me I had gastroenteritis and send me home with some milk of magnesia? And christ on a crutch, wasn’t that four days of the worst pain I had ever experienced? Am I not sending you my sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery?


Well I didn’t go, so I’m only guessing that’s where everybody is, aren’t I?

Maybe they are all at a health and safety training and I missed the memo?


Can I say this ins’t my first go around? Aren’t I happy that the vicodin is actually helping with the pain unlike the last time?


Why hasn’t anyone posted anything for three days?


Do you suppose there’s a three day cycle?


Could we be distracted by trolls elsewhere?


Doesn’t that remind me of neighbors I had in a building with shared washer and dryer, who always took three days to do one load of laundry?


Ugh; did they never wonder why their clothes smelled of mildew?

How could they stand to be near themselves?

Did they also shave on the commuter rail?


Has it really been two weeks since someone asked a question?

Are we growing “incurious?”


Aren’t I struggle to form a question in the midst of the semester?


Whew, that was some bad grammar; is it a rough time for you right now?

Are your students being a pain in the ass again?


<> Why? <>


Did I not come here to argument on grammar? Didn’t I just finish up lectures are am working on guidelines for the final projects, meaning all my grammaring is there instead of heres?

Aren’t some students ALWAYS a pain in the ass?


Did I hear there is always at least one student per class who is a pain in the ass; is that right?


Wouldn’t I agree that that speaks to my own experiences as a prof? Doesn’t it always frustrate me no end?


You have a good coping strategy, right?
Do you need a Happy Mutant care package?

…Anybody know what might be in that…?


Would that be lots of bananas and perhaps some whiskey? In an extreme case, would that include a 50lb container of lube?