Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?


Are they legal? Have I ever seen that rule? Am I ignorant of it?

Does this seem like “sailing close to the wind” to me? ShalI I go away and try to pretend I had never mentioned it?


Have we gone 3 days without questions because everybody is lost in that VR of a lady duck’s personal parts?


Everybody was there?

is that why it was so crowded?


Haven’t I been doing my best to stay distracted via drugs to ignore the fact I am passing a kidney stone?
Aren’t I annoyed it still hasn’t passed yet? Don’t I run out of lovely lovely Vicodin today?


Oh man, I missed that post, and didn’t I go through that same thing when I was in college? And didn’t the college health service tell me I had gastroenteritis and send me home with some milk of magnesia? And christ on a crutch, wasn’t that four days of the worst pain I had ever experienced? Am I not sending you my sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery?


Well I didn’t go, so I’m only guessing that’s where everybody is, aren’t I?

Maybe they are all at a health and safety training and I missed the memo?


Can I say this ins’t my first go around? Aren’t I happy that the vicodin is actually helping with the pain unlike the last time?


Why hasn’t anyone posted anything for three days?


Do you suppose there’s a three day cycle?


Could we be distracted by trolls elsewhere?


Doesn’t that remind me of neighbors I had in a building with shared washer and dryer, who always took three days to do one load of laundry?


Ugh; did they never wonder why their clothes smelled of mildew?

How could they stand to be near themselves?

Did they also shave on the commuter rail?