Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?


What are the odds?


Do you know that I don’t even know how to answer that, as I’m not a betting person?


I don’t know, are they maybe even even?


Do you want to bet on that?


Do you even?


Aren’t the Odds a Canadian alt-pop band?

And don’t I miss The Kids In The Hall?


There are kids in the hall?
Why aren’t they in class?
What’s it all aboot?

(Can I apologise for the gentle xenophobia later?)


Isn’t it because of all the snow? Doesn’t the brain run amok when confronted with an expanse of featureless, white landscape?

You don’t think it will snow, do you? What are the odds?


Wanna bet it will snow, depending where you are in this picture…
image ?
Or this picture…
image ?


Do you want snow?
If so, can I make it snow with my brain from here?

:cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow: does this count?


Haven’t I heard of brain fog and brain freeze, but never brain snow?


How is the snow affecting the hurricane in Florida?


Why is a hurricane called a hurricane in the first place?

And while we’re at it: why the heck is Florida still a thing?


Because so many wonderful gentlemen live there?



And why does this post have to have nine characters? Haven’t I got enough character already?


Is it finally Midterm elections, yet?

Is anyone else as tired of all this foolishness as I am?


Melz, are you trying to get me to answer so you can Donald me?


Isn’t that half the fun of this game?




Would I do such a thing?