Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?




Is it just me, or have we somehow got two different threads going on here…?


Are you not familiar with the fun of the original topic? Wasn’t 3 or 4 threads normal for that one?


Hello? Anyone still here…?


I think you dropped out for a minute there sir and I didn’t quite catch your answer; are you interested in purchasing double-glazed windows for your home? Would you mind if I sent someone 'round to give you an estimate?


Why isn’t it friday yet???


Ever considered changing timezones for having an early weekend?


Wouldn’t I have to do that on a regular basis to make it effective, though?


Should we try setting up a cloudfunding to buy an “early Friday” plane and do this regularly?


Sure, why not?

It couldn’t hurt, could it?


Does anyone here know how to fly a plane?


Can I just mention that it’s good for them to be able to land the plane as well?


Rubbish, surely if we keep flying it will remain Friday?


Isn’t it friday now?


What do Stephen Colbert, Taylor Hicks, and the New York Knicks City Dancers say?


What are we all doing together in this elevator?


What, no Stevie Nicks?


Oh, did she get back together?


Are we getting lifted?


Are we all going down?