Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?


Am I the only one who now has Aerosmith stuck in their head?


Don’t I have TMBGs Ana Ng stuck in my head instead? Aren’t I now listening to TMBG?




So… if I have a date in Constantinople, where will she be waiting?


Is it okay to have brunch on a weekday?


Isn’t it always okay to have brunch? Isn’t always brunch time somewhere?


Don’t most of the important questions in life involve food?


Depends, doesn’t it? Will your date be in the afternoon, the evening, or prior to 1928?


Do I look old enough to have a date prior to 1928?


This is the internet, how do we know if you are even human?


You mean we aren’t all comment bots?


How can we tell?
Is there a test?

Anyone want to play Captcha the flag?


Can’t we play Scrabble instead?


Can I go first?


Where did you get the Brit board?


Wouldn’t that be giving the game away?


Giving the game away? As in free?


Comment allez-vous?


Je suis bien, et vous? (Holy hell, isn’t it difficult to ecrive a Francais with autocorrect turned on and no French keyboard turned on?)

Also, since I’m not sure where to posit this, won’t I posit here? …
…Are any other US parents (or not)(and closely proximate Canadian parents(or not)) bothered by FX (on the cable channels) dropping un-cut rated R movies on the 8 PM slot?


Seriously, is it only Wednesday?