Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?


Are vegetables all that important, or can I just have ice cream for dinner?

:thinking: Should I have asked that question before I had all that ice cream?


Isn’t ice cream a vegetable? Both chocolate and vanilla are beans, aren’t they?



Again? Why does this keep happening? Are the degrees just wandering off on their own? Or is someone luring them away, for nefarious purposes?





Seattle is hoarding them?


:thinking: Should Minneapolis expect a ransom note?


Are you open to trading some sun for some of my degrees?


Minneapolis, huh?

Is it true that the ghost of Mary Tyler Moore still haunts the streets, looking for her blue hat?


Doesn’t the statue of her on Nicollet Mall make it look like she can’t get rid of the darn thing?


Does it help you feel better to know Detroit will be in similar straights sometime Sunday night?

Did you at least get some snow before Seattle took all your degrees?


Yes, didn’t we have our look freshened up a bit? Couldn’t we do with even more, though?

Aren’t we happy to share with you?


Have we run out of questions?


Haven’t I been busy? Distracted? Drinking heavily?


Haven’t we run out of answers?


We had answers to begin with? Isn’t that news to me?


If we had answers, what would we do with them?


Could we just turn them into more questions to keep this thread going?


Will I be forgiven
for just finding this thread
and only reading the first
400 posts?
Does that count as an A for effort?
Or do I receive an F for
abject Failure??


Not me…
have you??


Isn’t the real question, “Will you be able to forgive yourself?”

But does effort have an “A” in it? Has that ever made sense? How would you feel about a “C” for “Close, but no cigar?”