Sheriff's Deputy Ashley Gruno put an 80 year old woman in jail for expired medical marijuana card


Roger that!


Run @Papasan, run!!


I can’t, I’m too stoned.


Then… like… just don’t open your door! Pretend you’re not in! That would be the genius move!


Timothy Leary’s dead. But in his later years, he would take one of each type of illegal drugs available, just to as he put it - “prove he wasn’t a wimp”.


And - - - the taxpayers had to pay for the whole exercise in macho.


Or her.
Or her neighbor.
Pretty miraculous all around.


“I was just following orders” is still a thing, I guess.


“LSD Senior, now with added fibre!”


I dunno, if anyone ever needed two tabs of strong acid and a good, long chat with themselves in the bathroom mirror, well…


Hard, no, but what’s the fun of having power if you aren’t allowed to abuse it?



Michael Harriott is becoming this Old White Bitch’s favorite writer, and I recommend his columns in The Root to all y’all, color no object. This article is priceless.


no, he’s outside, looking in


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