Shoes for your shoes

Japan ain’t no slouch either:


They even have the strap going across the base of the ankle… just like the actual moon boots (see below)!



Also called same on the Mid-Atlantic coast. I have a pair in the front closet.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, I also have a pair of those. Mine are hobnailed but not wooden, just lots of layers of leather.

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The same in Southern Ontario. What’s the problem?

Wait, I get it. Someone might think you were talking about erasers.

I can see where that could cause confusion and hilarity. :wink:


Yes. Why did people stop wearing these?

Just pull on over your shoes, take off at school or work and wear your street shoes all day. No need to find a way of carrying a pair of shoes with you. Knowing my parents, they probably spent less than $355 for them, too.

Today’s kids should know the thrill of testing a puddle’s depth by walking through it. And maybe they’d stay the f**k off my lawn.

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I wonder what would happen if you found yourself in a ruffian biker bar with these on? Oh, wait! I know!


Great scene :slight_smile:


Same name 65 years ago in the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe. My brother had a pair when we were kids and they were great fun. Sure, occasionally you’d trip over and go face first into the ground, but it’s ok, kids bounce.
Also, the super thick elastic bands in the base were great for shooting at said brothers, like a very cheap Nerf gun (which our parents would not let us have).

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