Shooting at South Carolina's Townville Elementary school injures 1 teacher, 2 kids. Teen suspect arrested


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This never would’ve happened had the elementary students been armed.



Because no young child has ever picked up anything dangerous just to look at it.


#Fucking. hell.

I’m relieved to hear that no one was killed but even shooting injuries in this type of scenario should be more than sufficient to resume our ‘national discussion’ over firearms in this country.


The answer is not and will never be MOAR GUNS. I do believe that gun ownership is perfectly acceptable, but putting them everywhere and in the hands of people that should not be responsible for having the authority to use deadly force is more than misguided, it’s downright ignorant.

As far as this particular shooting goes, it’s just depressing to see this kind of cruelty.


Seriously, what’s hard about keeping your guns (that, apparently, you have to have) locked the fuck up?
Where they’re not accessible to emotionally unstable people (like, for example, teens…)?
Also: fuck this planet/country/everything else. I’m done with this shit.


“A bad man came to our school today,” 4-year-old Townville student Amber Jolly told a television news reporter.

My heart is breaking. I’m tearing up at my office. I can’t handle this stuff anymore. No kid should have to deal with this.


Nah, it’s not serious enough for that. It’s only when lots and lots of kids get killed that it’s worth revisiting that discussion - but not then because obviously everyone is too emotional at that point.


This is a perfect example of Poe’s Law. I’ve heard from plenty of people who actually believe this.


When Wayne LaPierre said the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, he meant that literally. His vision is for everyone in the country, good guys, bad guys, terrorists, everyone, to be armed to the teeth, so the gun manufacturers will make more money from making weapons. Because the NRA is so powerful, our legislators don’t approve common-sense gun laws that 90% of all Americans agree with, and there is literally a mass shooting every day in the US as a result :rage:


How can you resume something that never started in the first place? (sigh)


Excuse me, but who the fuck interviews a 4-year old at a time like this? Leave these little kids alone, and let their teachers and parents console them in the aftermath of what had to be a horrific experience.

Uggh. I can’t even.


Number of child deaths in one shooting < 20?

Do nothing.

Sandy Hook showed me that the number of children needs to be greater than 20 for us to do something. You think injuries are going to bring things up again? Ha.

All Sandy Hook literally did was loosen gun laws nationally. I’m not sure you want us to do anything.


It depends; is two groups of people shouting past each other considered a discussion?

Because we’ve certainly always had a lot of that.


About half the electorate in the US are supporting Trump. About a quarter of those do so even though they believe he’ll start a nuclear war. Nuclear war. Yeah, I’m right there with you.


You’re going to have to get onboard the Elon Musk train then…


On the bright side, world wide we are living in the most prosperous, peaceful times in human history.


Not, perhaps, for much longer.


Kid had been expelled last year, and was being homeschooled. He shot his Dad before going to the playground. He was shouting “I hate my life” while shooting. The only good thing is that he was taken down and disarmed by an unarmed firefighter who was first on the scene.