Side of beef in Arby's freezer... was something much worse

Restrictive corporate cellphone policies aside, I wonder if cellphone signals penetrate a walk-in freezer.
It’s another part of the same TV/movie trope.

I worked in a pub kitchen which had a large walk-in fridge. It opened from the inside for safety reasons.

I work in the death business and my only thought is that it would be a nice and easy removal, except that she’s probably on the floor.

Decades ago the walkins did not have the inside release, which I can attest to having found myself locked in what was then an old one (and this was 1980 or so, and by then inside releases were standard on new walkins). Fortunately it was flimsy enough that I could essentially break the latch by kicking hard for 5 minutes (and thus I’m here to tell this tale). Manager was only concerned about how long it took me to bring up the hamburger patties he was waiting for.


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