Side of beef in Arby's freezer... was something much worse

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This never would have happened at Wendy’s.


Would love to hear Jon Stewart’s take on this news.

“Hard to believe there’s something worse than roast beef in an Arby’s freezer, but there you have it.”


Funny, until you remember a woman is dead.


Jesus that’s horrifying. Walk in freezers are a trope in film for a reason. Everyone is scared of them.

Like work in a restaurant, nobody goes there on their own until they are used to it.


But was it a deliberate accident?


A body found in a walk-in freezer

But he cautioned that those findings were preliminary, adding “nothing is set in stone yet.”

(Bad choice of words.)


It’s hard to imagine why anyone is still allowed to have a walk-in freezer without an emergency latch or alarm button inside.


Or the Nihilist Arby’s Twitter account.

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Hmm - horrible and strung out way to go, I suspect.
Seems unlikely, but there’s no accounting for people…

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It doesn’t say “beef”, it says “meats”.


Fuck that sounds horrifying. For the woman who died and the poor soul who discovered her.


This news item really hurts my heart. Whether she was accidentally trapped in the freezer or was killed and placed there, it’s a horrible thing to have happened either way. I imagine she was just doing what she could to pay bills. I have no idea who she was but she certainly deserved a longer life.


i don’t even know if they make walk-ins without inside releases. i’ve got to imagine it’d be illegal.

also, where were her co-workers? nobody should be closing a place like that alone. too easy for someone to be assaulted closing up late in a place where people think there’s money available

( i’d wonder about cellphone too, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the uniforms didn’t allow for pockets or some stupid thing like that to stop people from using their phones on shift )


Some assumptions about her being locked in, I didn’t see that in the article.

She could have just gone in to get something, slipped and banged her head. I didn’t see mention of how long she was not seen. Could have been a medical incident like a heart attack.

It could have been just a tragic accident.

My wife worked as a district manager for two small franchises and the largest single franchisee in the country for 18 years. Those places are evil but even back then all the walk ins were not able to accidentally lock, someone would have to barricade the door from the outside.


If not illegal, I’m sure it’s at least an OSHA violation. I’ve never worked in the food industry, but I ran a psychrometric lab, and our psychrometric chambers were mechanically identical to giant, custom built walk-in freezers. The doors were literally made by a company that makes walk-in freezers and it was impossible to lock yourself in.


You kid, but much worse things have happened in a Wendy’s freezer.

I get your joke. Wendy’s beef is fresh, never frozen, hence no walk in freezer. (Though I am not sure that applies to their fries etc., so maybe they do have a freezer?)

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This is in poor taste. A person died, it is a tragedy for the people who knew and loved her. Why is it being used as an excuse for a cheap click-bait gag?

Post should be deleted.