Woman buys used freezer containing seller's frozen mother


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Hey, the price was right.


A Goldsboro, North Carolina woman bought her neighbor’s used freezer for
$30, not realizing it contained frozen parts of the seller’s dead

FFS. Are we trying to one up Florida?


Some folks have all the luck.

PS. My co-workers are newly immigrated, so they are asked me about my freezer in the basement, I just laughed like Hannibal Lecter. I love fucking with them…


Selling your momsicle to an unwitting buyer is objectively sketchy.

But for this quote, removing cultural context, none of these sound much better…
“Just unbelievable how she could just burn her mom to ashes.”
“Just unbelievable how she could just stick her mom in a box in the ground.”



Wasn’t this the plot of Bernie?


Worse, she was covered in freezer burn. Practically ruined the whole barbeque.


You have an entirely valid point!
Cultural Relativism FTW!



“Curiously” is … an understatement.

Last time I moved a freezer, opening and emptying it first were both sorta necessary before hoping to get anywhere with it without herniating or spilling ick… Never even mind todays WTF angle.


So if she had realized the freezer contains human tissue the price was too high? Low?


I dunno, doesn’t that depend on which body parts were in the freezer?


Some newlyweds freeze a portion of their wedding cake for a future anniversary…

…wait. Where was I going with this?





So… the freezer geezer didn’t please her?


Well most people consume the good cuts first. It’s the offal and stringy bits that get left in the freezer long term.


And overdone. The pop-up timer never popped up.


I assumed this had to be the result of a Craigslist ad in Florida before I read to where they mention the location.

Edit to ponder: Are Craigslist ads in Florida statistically more fucked up then CL ads elsewhere?


Meat’s meat.


It’s what’s for dinner.