Signal your opposition to racism with a simple safety pin


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Got mine on!


I read about this yesterday.

I have a safety pin on my hoodie today, and will be on the lookout for others wearing one.


I should probably also brush up on the Safety Dance just in case an occasion arises where it’s necessary to communicate via body language.



It’s a nice idea but it is any more effective than wearing a ribbon to fight cancer or putting a magnet on your car to support the troops? Sometimes I wonder if these things are simply to allow people to feel good about themselves. It seems that listening and communicating would be a better idea.


@MBrody - But it’s not just about signalling that you support a cause with an empty gesture. This is to actually create a safe space, for being around and engaging in dialogue.


Sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone in the struggle helps.

Unlike a war overseas, or a crippling disease; this is a battle that’s gonna be fought right here on our own home turf, one day at a time, one act of solidarity at a time.


See also the Gordon Korman YA novel, Don’t Care High. In it, the safety pin becomes the symbol of the emergence from apathy of the students of a high school.


How are racists babies going to keep their diapers on?


They wear Pull-Ups.


I would say pointy pin tr*?@#mps pointy hat but its now an offensive word.


For what it’s worth…

When I was my more punker self and regularly wore safety pins, a woman who worked a family owned bagel place told me that safety pins were actually used by some Jews as wards against the evil eye. Most common was for a mother to put it on a bride’s bra as to deflect ill-intent away on her wedding day.

I have never heard anyone but her and some of the people around her corroborate this safety-pin-as-ward story but I like it and it seems relevant to this.


Wow this is going to be huge and not just a stupid meaningless guesture!


I just dug out a box full of them. Will start handing them out!


I’d say they’re already quite experienced at sh*tting all over everything.


I’m wearing a pin. Soon, people wearing safety pins will be subject to the same abuse as PoC and LGBTQ folk. I’ll continue to wear it, and take my lumps if I have to, but I’m not sitting this one out. “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” - Benjamin Franklin


Much like expressing your opinion in a little corner of the web, yet here you are!


One of my close friends used to date a woman from Georgia (the country not the state), she used to always have a safety pin attached to her shirt. I asked her why once and she said it was to protect against the evil eye.


Just like trolling a website and being yet another energy leech somehow isn’t a meaningless waste of time and energy.

(Unless, of course, it’s your occupation.)

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