Sikh maritimers stage astounding bhangra dance-routine with snow shovels


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I love being Canadian! :smiley:


“Halifax’s Maritime Bhangra Group”

The actual dance routine is icing on the cake.


Holy hell these guys are awesome! I wonder how much it snows in Punjab?


Well, there are probably some very cold places in Pakistan. In Punjab, I found that Amritsar has the coldest with 4.4C in december.


In t-shirts, no less.

This is awesome.


And just how is all this dancing getting the snow shoveled?


Dude, I would not want to have you as a boss.


For Americans, that’s 40F. For Chicagoans, that’s lovely spring weather.


Well worth twenty bucks, especially to an organization that doesn’t receive any government funding.


Those are some sikh dance moves!



This title sounds like the lead in for a particularly twisted aristocrats joke.


They can’t really have been shoveling snow. They’re too happy.


High on life! It’s a real thing.


First generation. They aren’t wearing gumboots.


If you were dancing instead of shoveling snow, you would not be my employee for very long, so it’s a self-correcting situation.


As a current resident of greater Chicagoland, I’d agree with that. At a nippy 5°F I opted for a flannel and gloves before shovelling the drive just now.


You can’t fire me!

:musical_note: I QUIT :musical_note:


And as we Chicagoans know, the fact that it’s so cold means it was an easy shoveling, because the snow was fluffy instead of wet and there was no ice at the bottom.