"Silicon Valley" actor TJ Miller arrested for fake bomb threat


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There was never a moment where I cared about TJ Miller. And I still at this very moment have zero fucks to give about him.



Silicon Valley wrote him off last season. Was sad about that but not anymore.


That’s about how long the opium will last


Could this have been an attempted SWATting?



Just the other day some pro football player got arrested for making a bomb “joke” at LAX.

WTF is wrong with some people?


Just in time for the Deadpool 2 release next month. I think they may remove him from advertising.

Recast for Deadpool 3 - or just kill his character off?


Eew this is weird. I just watched this guy (I don’t know who he is otherwise) on This Is Not Happening where he talks about heavy drug use of course but also about having brain surgery due to having an AVM. Most of the set was describing his erratic behavior. So now it’s just kind of like “Wow, yep, there’s something wrong with that guy…”


I’d say he’s on drugs, but addicts usually take a bit longer to tank their careers. It’s like he’s got a Brewster’s Millions-style payday waiting for him if only he can completely destroy his livelihood quickly enough.


Brought to you by alcohol - lowering the inhibitions of idiots and asshats since 7000 BCE.


He claimed he was with a woman who was carrying a “bomb in her bag.”

Passengers who had been sitting near Miller said… he’d been “in hostile exchanges with a woman who was sitting in a different row from him in the first-class car.”

So basically he was trying to get this woman swatted, right?


Compared to when he was doing press junkets for ‘The Emoji Movie’? :thinking:

:dizzy_face: oof


I rather enjoyed his portrayal of Erhlich Bachman. Saw him in a few other movies/shows thought he was funny. I guess maybe he wasn’t acting so much as just expressing his inner fuck head for laughs =/


The wrote him out b/c apparently his behavior is complete garbage and this is not the first of it. I suspect the guy is spiraling out of control.


I guess maybe he wasn’t acting so much as just expressing his inner fuck head for laughs

So. Many. Comedians. Are. This.


Of all the ways to manage a free stay at the Grey Bar Hotel, this would have to be one of the stupider ones.


Lock the entitled little shit up.


Had to stop watching “Train your Dragon” and related series on Netflix, which I loved, cause this duffus is in it (Tuffnut). Some performers public antics are so unbearable (Cruise, Mel Gibson, ect) that it makes watching their work impossible for me. Pulls you right out of the story. A bomb threat; what a pointless self injurious thing to do.


Likewise, this isn’t news. If he was a regular joe i’d think he’s just some asshole and i’d move on with my life… and i still intend to do so because i really can’t be bothered to care about TJ Miller.