Silicon Valley technology firms meet to plan legal challenge of Trump #MuslimBan


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Trump and neocon’s vaulted ‘business first’ ‘partners’ deciding that this is hurting their bottom line.


Is it a hotel? Google isn’t a hotel, is it? Or a golf course? Do I have to listen to them…?


It aligns with their best interest to keep the flow of well-educated migrants into the country for now. However, how strongly will they oppose Trump when his tweets start having a negative effect on their stock prices? Don’t they have a fiduciary requirement to maximize stock prices for their investors?


Then Bannon will hear about it …

However self-interested their motives this gives us an idea of which firms aren’t planning on getting the “Hollerith Machine” contract to build the Muslim registry. Only firms that exhibit loyalty will considered.


What is the chance of any of these legal challenges actually amounting to anything?
Seems the circle is pretty well secured… If someone is in a position to disagree with the legal aspect of an EO (let’s say… oh, I don’t know… maybe the acting attorney general for example) any ‘questioning’ of the issue is met with dismissal - not discussion and clarification. Then the replacement for that position immediately pledges their agreement with the legality of the EO in question. Goal posts moved, legality confirmed, challenge to the EO left without a (legal) leg to stand on.
Repeat process until there is no-one left questioning legal or moral actions. Justification proven!


How many lawsuits is he up to? These people from “the cyber” can just get in line!


Will we see a McCarthy like investigation into Silicon Valley?


W-Wait, can we go back to when it was all just tax cuts…

-Silicon Valley


I don’t believe the chance is 0%. Given the direness of the situation (even at such an early stage), the opposition must take a shotgun approach and use every single tool available (whatever the chance, within the law) which should and must include lawsuits. It’s not just Trump, you know. Its Congress also, they being always malleable when it comes to $$$, and Trump has access to more than enough to fine-tune Congress with.


That’s a good question. Another question is whether or not Trump’s tweets blow back and hurt his friends’ stocks.


It seems like they’re gambling a bit – clearly Hillary won the popular vote, which gives them certain assurances in making such statements. But whether those who are actively swayed by Ol’ President Pussy Grabber’s twitter feed comprise enough of a majority – and in light of anecdotal evidence of voters’ buyer’s remorse – is a coin toss.

Either way, this is fairly new territory for many of us; I am deeply happy, however, to see Tech standing up to that asshole and his minions.


There should be a tech black out day, shut down twitter, gmail, fb etc. It would be more impactful than a general strike of workers, and in twitter’s case would have the effect of muting Drumph for the day.


while you are at it, Silicon Valley geniuses, why don’t you plan to challenge the insertion of fucktard Bannon onto the Security council.


All those companies got where they are by sucking the government tit, taking tax breaks, and tax abatements, and abusing the H1B visa program so they can drive down wages and depress the job market to make American workers too scared to risk taking a stand. Those thieves aren’t going to do one damn thing that might carrry even the tiniest little risk of them losing one penny. They’ll do nothing but make a couple of mealy-mouthed public statements that are 99.9% horse manure, and go right back to their real business of competing to see who can screw his employees in the most egregious ways and who can spend his obscene pay on the most expensive and idiotic garbage. I hope every last one of them dies of cancer of the wallet.



Thank you.

Keep doing Good in the World, for We need it Now more than ever.

I will not go into this good night without fighting until my last breath exhales this single truth: I served humanity well.





I don’t know, I heard Aaron Levie (from Box) on the radio yesterday, he seemed genuinely upset about the ban. He also pointed out that for many of these CEOs this kind of xenophobia is personal.


Does Vlad own a lot of tech stocks? I thought he was more of an oil guy…


We are among the companies providing free services affected by the ban. If you know someone in trouble, this list might help -