Silicone dish scrubbers: one year of use, far less gross than a sponge


You’re not using the Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Drain Filter (available on the BoingBoing Store) that’s popular among Makers for it’s nubbin filterin’ powers.


This is a great idea for stains on fabric or carpet. I’ll have to try one.


They are kind of grippy. For pet stains on carpet I actually use a relatively stiff nylon bristle dish brush (one I’ve carefully marked for carpet use). The dish brush helps me agitate down to the base of the carpet without pulling out the fibers. I don’t know if the short nubs of the silicone scrubbers would do that.

I’ve also used surgical scrub brushes on fabric, the kind sold without the sponges on the back.


The lined/not nubbed side may be just what I need on the awful, auto show room carpet that is in my bedroom.


Wowzer! Going to try that right now! :slight_smile:


It’s a sailboat, right? I’ve stared at it for like five minutes and I’m positive that I see a sailboat.




I think Sugru is the cromulent adhesive in this case…

Silicone is fucking great. single-piece rubber scrapers and oven mitts with hella grip are the best. Plus silicone products look like early 2000’s CG, so bonus.


Is that what it’s called? I always thought of it as a “garbage disposal,” but I admit that I like your version better.


Actually I think you are correct, and my version is one of those brand names that became a “thing”, like Kleenex, or Xerox. A bit of an anachronism, too, but I’m getting to like those. Sort of like the older generation when I was growing up calling the refrigerator the “icebox”. How can one not want to call it an icebox? :slight_smile:


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