Sinkhole opens 'neath holiday resort complex near Disney World


Was Zimmerman staying there? Trouble seems to follow him everywhere.

Only near Disney World? Damn. Still, better luck next time.


Yup, I hope so too. I keep telling Cory that Disney World is an evil place. Maybe now he’ll start to listen…

But strawberries are delicious!

You cannot evacuate a person, you can only evacuate a building. The phrase “35 people were evacuated” means that they gave 35 people an enema. The things I learn on The Wire.


Cory, Cory, this one’s not even about Disney World. If you’re not careful, advertisers will catch on that you knee-jerk post anything with the word “Disney” in the title, and then where will we be? Boing Boing will be nothing but “1 Weird Trick For a Flat Belly DISNEY WORLD”. Is that what you want? IS IT?


The Wire could use a dictionary.

e·vac·u·ate, verb, sense 2: to remove (persons or things) from a place, as a dangerous place or disaster area, for reasons of safety or protection: to evacuate the inhabitants of towns in the path of a flood.

You can evacuate a building. doesn’t hold to the same standards as journalists, so… Evacuation means “to remove the contents of”, so, if you evacuate people, you’re removing their contents - hence, an enema. Agree to disagree, I guess. doesn’t ‘hold’ anything.
It has no hands, you see.

1 [hohld] Show IPA verb, held; held or ( Archaic ) hold·en; hold·ing; noun
verb (used with object)
to have or keep in the hand;

Agree with me to disagree about the agreement that is a priori contained within the concept of disagreement.

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Merriam Webster, Oxford and Longman all allow both meanings, and some include the definition “create a vacuum in”. From Longman:

1 [transitive] to send people away from a dangerous place to a safe place
evacuate somebody from/to something
Several families were evacuated from their homes.
During the war he was evacuated to Scotland.

2 [intransitive and transitive] to empty a place by making all the people leave:
Police evacuated the area.
The order was given to evacuate.

Since I am being held to a particular standard, does allow for the word “hold” to be used as a verb indicating agreement or siding with (check number 23 in the list). In my defense, I give you: Language NSFW

But what’s the Haunted Mansion angle?

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Man alive Florida seems to be getting devoured whole

Rubbish. states verb usage first then Physiology term lastly.

Example from “to evacuate the inhabitants of towns in the path of a flood.”

Your playing Mall Cop semantics, IMO.

You may want too cite as their term for evacuation is more in-line Polly Shore humor/banter.

One Clermont is “not about 10 minutes from Disney”, Two this resort is not in Clermont, it’s in Kissmmee. So much for CNN fact checking.

A recent article on the effect of global warming and rising oceans on real estate in Florida (executive version: hope you haven’t bought real estate in Miami) said that one of the reasons why seawalls or dikes won’t work is that much of Florida is based on porous limestone, and so you have the problem of seawater coming from underneath.

So. You’re saying that there can be more than one meaning to a word?

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