"Sixteen Tons": the student debt edition


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Someone needs to record this pronto!!


I think it’s the only filk I ever actually liked!


i scored my associate degrees many years ago , on an extremely low priced basis , with co-op even ; but i can sing this !! open mic nite rules !!


Yeah, psycho billy style.


My dad would sing this song when I was younger. Guess he liked it too. Too bad you can’t really hear 50s and 60s songs on the radio anymore :confused:


Yeah- when did the songs of my youth become Oldies Radio?


“It’s old, man, like from before I was born. And they used to play it all the time. So it sucks and I want to listen to something new, yanno, today’s music on today’s technology…”

wince Like how the stations overplay today’s top hits until you get sick of those, you overcaffeinated hummingbird brats?

sigh At least there’s still individual videos uploaded on YouTube…


you lift 16 1/2 tons, and what do get? Another day and 1/32 older and deeper in debt.


Confiscate the endowments of all the universities and use them to lower tuition. Problem solved.


I was talking about this years ago

Forward to 1998!


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