Slab City residents distrust the promises of a “Christian cultist” seeking to buy the off-grid art enclave from the State

Originally published at: Slab City residents distrust the promises of a "Christian cultist" seeking to buy the off-grid art enclave from the State | Boing Boing


Never, ever trust someone who says “God is in control”. Typically that means that as a self appointed representative of God, they are in control. You would never want to live on land that this person owns.


At least his “followers” won’t have to travel to Guyana.


New York City’s latest terrible mayor, Eric Adams, just announced that “God told him he would lead NYC”. Apparently God and Adams are besties, with God regularly dropping in to give Adams hints on how to run the city, and reminding him to publicly declare his faith whenever possible.

Despite the fact that Adams has been repeatedly investigated for corruptions and credibly accused of nepotism, God has apparently not yet reconsidered His support for the controversial mayor, who presumably still represents God’s preferred choice for running a city of 8 million people.


When asked about the Jim Jones comparison, Walton brushed it off and said that he felt the opposite was true. He explained that he ran a soup kitchen in the area and stated that his mission centered around serving the community — not expanding his small operation.

Serving soup, with Flavor Aid soon to be added.


1.5 million could buy a lot of soup. Maybe he should spend it on that and feed some people, you know, instead of buying the land under their feet from behind their backs. Like, for the Lord, if your into that kind of thing.


This guy claims to have a lot of family money and his last name is Walton. SF Gate does not appear to have checked to see of he is a Wal-Mart Walton. Seems worth looking in to.


It’s extremely suspicious why this guy would want to buy that land in particular. It has no apparent value and nothing to distinguish it from millions of other acres of barren worthless desert other than the quirky people who live on it. It has no utilities or services and no prospects for either, so building on the land or developing it in any way would be exorbitantly expensive. So why? What’s his game? What could he possibly have to gain? Since I can’t figure it out, I assume it isn’t good.


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