Sloth tea infuser


Soaking plastic in your heated food is and never will be a good idea, no matter what the manufacturers say about it containing no Bisphenol A.

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With that grin on the sloth’s face, coupled with your hot water turning brown-ish…well, let’s just say the sloth certainly looks very…relieved.


Silicone rubber is not plastic.


I was thinking that he looked like one of those latrine-diving sloths…


So is this a cuppa joe? The word being used for coffee here in the states dates back to WW2. Being a contraction of two words (cup of) leaves one wondering where the rest of the sentence is. A nice cuppa. Look a sentence with no verb!

I literally die when I read that kind of sentence. While reading, words scrape my eyeballs. Irregardless, I could care less. English does change with the times after all.


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And ‘a cuppa’ - just ‘a cuppa’, not ‘a cuppa [something]’ - has referred to tea in the UK for rather longer than that; the OED says the 1920s.
Maybe the US application of the term to coffee in the 1940s derives from the UK term?


Considering the brotherhood shared between US and UK forces during the war - and the number of marriages that happened also - I totally believe that even if there is no true proof. It seems like one of those slang terms that gets very popular quickly and jumped the pond, so to speak, due to the culture bonding.

It’s an oddity that it suddenly became popular again within the last few years as it had faded from ordinary use for decades.

Yes it is, in both the chemical and physical sense.

That was hilarious. I was literally scraping my eyeballs by the end.

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